Forspoken PC tested: a confusing, deeply disappointing port

Alex Battaglia takes on the PC port of Forspoken, which is unfortunately rife with issues that hamper a sometimes enjoyable game with fast loading times.

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Traecy51d ago

What a shame because it's a good game.

CrimsonIdol51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Well, would you look at that, a regular old gen3 nvme SSD with direct storage on PC beats PS5's special-sauce SSD for load times (dependent on the CPU).


The game is a turd and only a tech. demo to show how direct storage works. Even a pcie 3.0 nvme drive is fast and just 2 sec slower on Win 10 I'm fine with that. As he said the game is not even using the GPU for decompression. And this is all we have to show how DS works in games this year. Stop hyping up tech, if your just not going to deliver when it's ready, example one game only.

CrimsonIdol50d ago

Who's hyping up what tech? Square? Microsoft? I don't follow.


Microsoft was with direct storage.

CrimsonIdol50d ago

fair enough I guess. I mean it seems like useful tech, it does what it says on the box (roughly doubling asset loading speeds) just doesn't seem to be much impetus to implement it from anyone, which is a shame but not that unexpected. PS5 really took the lead here with dedicated dedicated hardware for just such a process (rather than using the CPU or GPU). At the moment we're at this crossroads point I think because cross platform devs are just now coming to a point where they don't have to rely on HDDs so that increase of speed is still a huge boost on its own without bothering with direct storage. I think uptake will happen more as it becomes more necessary/useful.

Lexreborn250d ago

I watched the video and honestly I didn’t see ANY of these issues playing. I’m actually amazed at what was presented.

1st even 4 seconds to load is insane, I streamed the game for 50 hours and I never had a load screen nor was it more than a second. Seeing 10 seconds seems so wrong.

I never saw a single glitch or bug either, I played at 2560 x 1440 maxed out without ray tracing and left it on ultra performance dlss. Locked at 60 and ran beautifully. The worst I saw was some asset streaming where model came in blurry but that never bothered me.

Watching this video made me feel like I saw a completely different analysis of a completely different game.