Sony: We have not cut PS VR 2 production numbers

"PS VR2 shipment numbers remain the same, Sony says."

-Christopher Dring

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generic-user-name48d ago

Not the first time this Bloomberg writer has been called out by Sony for spreading misinformation before a hardware launch.

PureBlood48d ago

I was just reading about that. They made claims before about PS5 production and Sony had to publicly set them straight!

Everything I've read, apart from on Bloomberg, says everyone is excited for the new VR. It's like Bloomberg is trying to spread FUD!

generic-user-name48d ago

And it worked, all the major mainstream media sites, IGN, kotaku etc, ran pieces promoting the doom and gloom of PSVR2. They'll probably update them with a small blurb stating Sony deny it but the damage will be done already.

crazyCoconuts48d ago

Kudos to n4g users for enforcing the policy to not approve articles from anonymous sources

itsmebryan48d ago

I always wondered about VR demand, I tried it on PC and didn't care for it. My sister has Rift and loves it.

It should by 2020 they had only sold 5 million PS VR with over 100 million install base. That's less than 5% if the numbers are right.

I always had big hope for VR but, it doesn't seem to be catching on like I hoped.

Bobertt47d ago

Bloomberg is owned by Wall Street they put out wrong information all the time to lower or pump a stock price so Wall Street can make money off it.

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sparky7748d ago

To be fair Sony and Bloomberg could be telling the truth. Bloomberg was referring to internal "projections" not what Sony had planned for "production".

I guess we will find out if Sony ever releases numbers.

IRetrouk48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

They were using lens orders, how would they know from that source what sonys internal projections were? They done this exact thing with the ps5, it's disingenuous clickbait.

Eonjay48d ago

No they said Sony had cut production from 2 to 1.5 million. Sony said it had not cut production. Please consider the source or was the Switch pro released 2 years ago like the reported sources said.

BehindTheRows48d ago

Yep, similar thing happened to PS5.

Gameseeker_Frampt48d ago

The news was completely correct though. The story was that Sony cut PS5 production estimates from 15 to 11 million units during FY2020 in response to production shortages related to its chip. Sony's Q4 FY2020 report revealed that they shipped 7.8 million PS5's in FY2020 - a far cry from 15 million units.

Do you really think that there weren't production issues and Sony only planned on selling 8 million PS5s in FY2020 when they sold almost 15 million PS4s in FY2019? Just because you or a multinational corporation doesn't like a story doesn't make it false.

IRetrouk48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

No it wasn't, he made up a story about ps5s numbers for its first two quarters, then said they were cut, exactly what hes doing now, he has been called out both times by sony, they Dont normally do that.

Oh and those numbers for the ps5 sales are only for q3 and q4 of fy 2020, not only was it a record year for sony, it was also a record launch for consoles in their first fiscal year....

This writer for bloomberg knows nothing.

Gameseeker_Frampt48d ago


"he has been called out both times by sony, they Dont normally do that." They will do whatever they need to do when it comes to stock prices. This is a business, not a charity. The news that production was facing problems hurt their stock price so of course they said what would help them financially, yet for the last 3 years we have all seen how the pandemic and chip shortage has hurt the Playstation 5 production. Sony was perfectly happy with people reporting on them increasing PS5 production in 2020 due to higher demands due to Covid lockdowns.

IRetrouk47d ago

Your wishful thinking changes nothing, they broke records that year lol, nobody said production wasn't effected by shortages, we all know they were, but not when this writer stated, and not the number he stated either... I think you need to get over it and accept that the articles he wrote are fud.

Gameseeker_Frampt47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Sony sold 7.5 million PS4s in FY2013 and 7.8 million PS5s in FY2020. It is amusing that you think Sony came out of the PS4 generation with over 2/3 market share in the console market and wanted to produce the exact same number of consoles as they did when they left with PS3 generation with only 1/3 market share. Sony has had to cut production forecasts every year for the PS5 and 2020 was no different - unless you are one of those that think Covid affected everyone but your favorite console maker.

I'm sure when PSVR2 sells 1 million units this year and is sold out everywhere you'll be leading the charge saying how great it is.

IRetrouk47d ago

Getting desperate now, yet showing the ps5 still had a better start than any of sonys previous consoles🤣 every time sony has made an adjustment, they have let everyone know in their financial report, the year you keep pointing to wasn't one of em, try again cowboy🤣

The story is bs, no matter how much you wish it were true 😭🤣

And yes I'm there day 1 for vr, not sure what point you think you just made, but you sound bitter and resentful🤣💀

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After10Ben48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

That's unfortunate that the preorders are half of what was projected, but the silver lining is that those that want one shouldn't have too much trouble getting one. My guess is it isn't due to lack of interest, but more likely due to the increase in cost of food, gas and pretty much everything else. A lot of people including myself have had to cut back on spending. I'm putting away a little money every month and will get one in the summer.

IRetrouk48d ago

Sony denied the report, it was bs, like the writers known for...

After10Ben48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

The way I understood it is that Sony denied cutting the production numbers. But the reason why it was speculated that they would cut production numbers in the first place was due to the fact that preorders are half of what was expected. Sony predicted selling 2 million units in the first year, and the preorders are not reflecting that prediction. Is that information incorrect?
Edit: I just read that the original prediction of 2 million units also came from bloomberg, not from Sony, so I am guessing that my information was wrong. That's great news.

Neonridr48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@After10Ben - all I can say is that you can still preorder a PSVR2 from all Canadian retailers. PSVR sold out last time around before launch. Maybe there are more numbers this time, or maybe interest isn't as high due to other factors.

who knows.

After10Ben48d ago

It's the same in US. It's still available to preorder, which is great, because I was worried it would be sold out by the time I saved enough to get one. I am glad that the report that Sony cut production numbers are false.

IRetrouk48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Yes, the writer got his info from a lens supplier, not pre-order info, its complete assumption, sony used more than one supplier for the original head-set lenses, they are probably just doing the same again.

Sony said outright the report is false.

Reference about writer.

48d ago
RauLeCreuset48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


"I just read that the original prediction of 2 million units also came from bloomberg, not from Sony, so I am guessing that my information was wrong. That's great news."

It's good that you caught that. This could just be Bloomberg engaging in shady reporting to reconcile their initial false report on the production numbers. It allows them to get out of acknowledging the initial error by pretending they were correct, but Sony changed the production numbers due to disappointing preorders. It's also possible they made the current story up for other (likely malicious) reasons.

Update: In the short time since originally posting this comment, I read an accusation that he did the same thing when he spread misinformation about PS5 production. The allegation is that he put out misinformation overestimating PS5 production and later reported the more infamous claim that they had cut production, as a way of correcting his original falsehood without acknowledging it.

Thanks @iRetrouk for the links.

47d ago
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dazzysima48d ago

It’s also due to keeping it out of retailers hands imo.

outsider162448d ago

"PS VR2 shipment numbers remain the same, Sony says."
If i were a spokesperson for Sony, I'd say.."where the heck do these guys get these false information from? PsVr2 shipment numbers remains the same."

CptDville48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

My country is getting DualSense Edge pre orders cancellation (bought from Sony official representatives) and Sony does not even know when the DualSense shall be delivered (even though they initially announced that we would receive on the same date of global release and only informed they had nothing to deliver on the launch date).
Not saying is 100% the same thing, but it truly shows how Sony can change their official position until the last minute with no clarifications at all.
To this day, Sony here does not answer any questions regarding this subject and has not yet inform if DualSense Edge will ever be released here.
I’m quite upset, cause I made the pre order and ain’t getting any explanations of what to expect.

joaovictorop47d ago

Yes, this happened to my country too. Worse, I had already pre-ordered the Dualsense Edge a month before and Sony only communicated the cancellation of the sale on the day of its launch, when I should have been receiving the product. And they didn't give a delivery date either. Very disrespectful from Sony to its consumers.

italiangamer48d ago

Second time Bloomberg wrote lies against Sony, they can spread all the misinformation they want but nothing can stop PlayStation.

shadowT48d ago

maybe they needed some clicks

Futureshark48d ago

It's almost like Bloomberg have some interest in Sony not achieving...

Christopher47d ago

It's more likely they are utilizing an 'insider' that makes some stuff up.