Freedom Fighters: A Game That Deserves a Remake Treatment

Freedom Fighters is a timeless classic that needs to be updated. Since its release nearly twenty years ago, “Freedom Fighters” has been able to win over the affections of gamers.

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LG_Fox_Brazil49d ago

One of the most underrated gems of the PS2, a really great game

FingerAction49d ago

Very underrated gem…. I was obsessed with this game in my younger years.

isarai49d ago

Weird how a side project ps2 game had some of the most capable orderable companion ai ever made. Like their behavior is nothing groundbreaking, but if you tell them to cover an area, or attack an area, they do a damn fine job of being about as capable as you in shooting and cover

blady_man49d ago

one of my favourite games of the PS2, I love this game!!!