Motive Studios Is Interested in “Exploring Dead Space More”

Having kickstarted a survival horror revolution, EA's Dead Space franchise had been dormant for a decade. Now the 2008 original has been remade for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles with a new focus on self-inflicted scares. GQ speaks to the makers of this cult classic revival

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Jin_Sakai49d ago

I sure hope so! We need more good survivor horror games.

-Foxtrot49d ago


I’d rather see them use this as a way of rebooting the series for the better

Remake DS2 and then do DS3 as a completely new game which drops the co-op and over the top action. Maybe something similar but not.

The lore in DS3 also went a bit over the top aswell with the Brother Moon stuff as the final stage for the Necromorphs…a moon

VersusDMC49d ago

I am addicted and on my third and impossible playthrough. I want a DS2 remade so bad right now...

-Foxtrot49d ago

I really hope DS2 is next

Just use this as an opportunity to really up the horror to make it more in line with the first. It was great but like RE4 you could tell where it started to go action packed which lead into the awful third game.

HeliosHex49d ago

My wishlist.
1: completely redo pt 3. I mean everything.
2: include VR in DS4

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