Variety: The most overrated videogames of 2008

Variety writes:

"These are not games we thought were bad, or even disappointing. They're the videogames that Variety's critics found fell the shortest of what most other critics and/or the public thought. It also, interestingly, the only category in this whole process in which all four of us agree about a game."

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SickNick855263d ago

variety is a microsoft press site...

darthv725263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

Funny you mention that considering that GTA4, Fallout 3, Castle crashers and Braid are all available on the 360.

These games aren't about bad or good but about falling short of hype and expectation.


I have not played fable 2 so I don't have any expectations towards it. I have played gears 2 and "my expectations" were met.

Please remember that it isn't about the game being good or bad but how well did it live up to the hype and expectation it received (both personal as well as public). Those games on the list all have strengths and weaknesses and according to the folks at Variety, just didn't meet "their" standards.

If they meet yours...that is all that should matter.

MAR-TYR-DOM5263d ago

let me guess, so Fable 2 and Gears2 didnt fall short of expectations?

Smacktard5263d ago

I'd actually agree with Gears of War 2. I thought that GoW2 was gonna be pretty awesome until I played it. I found it pretty boring.

Seems like anything with good graphics and guns is an amazing game, nowadays.

JBaby3435263d ago

I got bored with it and was not impressed compared to the hype and what I was expecting. The first disappointed me too though so I guess this one had a lot to prove. Either way it wasn't what it was made out to be in my opinion.

Just my opinion. We are each entitled.

StephanieBBB5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

Let's all hopp on the bandwagon, oh right that was the opposite of what is good to do according to this article...

Hypocrits ftw...

season0075263d ago

along with friends coming over and my girlfriend of course...

You don't have to create something to enjoy LBP
The built in levels are good enough for you to kill a lot of time

Tarasque5263d ago

My most overrated is, Halo 3, Gears 2, Fable 2, MGS4, LBP and GT5 pro.

dantesparda5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

I actually agree with Tarasque for once. While none of those games are terrible, i definitely think that they are all overrated

phosphor1125263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

Variety!? You gotta be kidding me, since when have we listened to them?

Now that I read it, how is LBP overrated? How much hype did that game really have? "Awesome graphics! And those little sack people are so cute I could just eat them up! Now where's the game?" What? Are you some kind of fool? Tell me who hyped that game? Honestly who did? You want to talk overhyped/rated, talk about Halo 3. LBP got what it deserved in ratings

Protip: Variety is horrible and should never be on N4G again.

The Lazy One5263d ago

It was over rated. It's not bad, just over rated.

In the months leading up to LBP release, you could have sworn it was the video game messiah getting ready to lead us to a bright future of gaming. I had people quite literally tell me that they could make any game in LBP. I had people tell me that the game was single handedly going to make the PS3 outsell the 360 in every territory.

LBP did not live up to the hype, not because it was bad, but because the hype built up for the game was so ridiculously high, it was unreachable by any game.

thor5263d ago

I was anticipating LBP before its release. I had seen countless gameplay videos, and I knew it was the kind of game that I would absolutely love. I got into the beta, and loved every second of it. I got the retail release of the game, and I'm still loving every second of it. The only thing I have against it is the annoying bugs that keep surfacing; hopefully these can be remedied in a future patch. But it most certainly lived up to my lofty expectations. There are certain people that the game appeals to in every way, and I am one of them. If you still think the only reason this game has received such accolade is its level editor, you're dead wrong. I played one skateboard level from the story mode with my brother and a friend. For 2 hours. It's hard for me to think of many better gaming experiences to be honest.

PataponKnight5263d ago

Patapon? Noooooooooooooooooo!

The Lazy One5263d ago

I'm happy for you... I never said it was a bad game, I said the hype was ridiculously out of control on it.

Good for you that you didn't let the hype get to you, and had realistic expectations, but a lot of people didn't.

To be quite frank, I could walk through the pearly gates of heaven and receive absolute and pure joy and it wouldn't live up to the hype that LBP had before it's launch. If you don't believe me look around this very site in the weeks and months before the launch.

cherrypie5263d ago

No. Nope. No mention of Gears of War 2.

BUT, they *DID* mention Little Big Planet about 3 or 4 times as a massive disappointment.

And, based on the sales, looks like most gamers agree.

The Lazy One5262d ago

not disappointing or bad... overhyped.

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grantps35263d ago

gears of war 2 is over rated, but its still a good game

i would say littlebigplanet is under rated.

Hiruma Youchi5263d ago

Cant a good game be a good game without having to face the ``its Overrated `` bull ?

Mini Mario5263d ago

"What? Are you some kind of fool? Tell me who hyped that game? Honestly who did?" (LBP)

Is this your first visit to this site or something>?

lokiroo4205263d ago

Four people who need their fingers removed immediately!

Dark_Overlord5263d ago

Its one of the best games on the DS, they're probably moaning because its too hard for them

Saint Sony5263d ago

Same thing with Braid, looks like the authors of this so called article can't handle platform design nor puzzles.

kwyjibo5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

Nothing more, nothing less.

It oozes charm, and I much prefer the faux-European animation style to generic anime conventions, but in the end, it's a puzzle book. Games offer so much scope for interactivity, yet the puzzles are static and do not make much use of the medium.

I liked Professor Layton, because I like good puzzles. But I really can't agree with those awarding this game any more than 8/10.


Oh, and it damn well annoyed me that all the Nintendo Wi-Fi unlockable puzzles were already preprogrammed onto the cartridge, and that you weren't downloading anything new. They gimped the game to show off the Wi-fi service.


My DS pick of the year was Advance Wars, even though they made the ridiculous story even more unbearable by trying to make it dark and realistic, and then totally failing - the gameplay has gone back to basics and is all the more better for it.

Johnny Rotten5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

LBP, and Castle Crashers are overrated??

Professor Layton was going to be my next DS game.

ablecain5263d ago

Variety is a terrible publication

Information Minister5263d ago

So now you're not going to buy the game because the "gaming experts" at Variety said so?! Not the smartest move if you ask me.

Johnny Rotten5263d ago

I was trying to say Professor Layton looks interesting and is up there on my "to buy list" of games.

Cheeseknight285263d ago

Layton was the best game released in 2008 for the DS. Go buy it.

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