Microsoft Announces Price Increase for Xbox Series X & S in Japan

Today Microsoft announced that it will increase the price of both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in Japan.

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FallenAngel198451d ago

Oof there goes whatever minuscule they may have had in the region

Lifexline51d ago

Seriously it’s like they don’t care about Japan anymore the one place they really shouldn’t be increasing the price in and they do.

Concertoine51d ago

I doubt they’ll lose out on much. The xbox community there is just comprised of hardcore collectors. Its like if back in the 90’s they raised the price of a Turbo Grafx-16 lol.

Even if this hurt sales by 20% we’re looking at maybe a few thousand units for the year.

porkChop51d ago

MS has the money to eat the costs. They really shouldn't be raising prices, especially in Japan. They're not going to get any kind of foothold by doing this.

EvertonFC51d ago

It's what happens regardless of how much profit MS has in the bank.
When GP bleeds money, console sales bleed money and 95% of Xbox gamers not buying software cause of GP.
Oh add to that Xbox gamers using the £1 offer then making new email addresses/Xbox accounts rinse and repeat.

wiz719151d ago

@Everton who said Xbox gamers aren’t making purchases because of gamepass?? You can still purchase those games it just would be discounted along with the DLC. I’ve bought plenty of games through the service , even games I would have never even tried if it wasn’t for gamepass.

wiz719151d ago

Lol y’all mad shit , people really that dumb and think just because a game is on gamepass you can’t purchase it ..

Crows9050d ago


Let me get this straight. You would buy a game that you have through gamepass as you're subscribed to gamepass?

And you think people don't expect you to buy a game you're already paying to access? You think they're dumb?

I'm sorry I don't think people who already pay to have access to a game, and decide to pay more to purchase it, are very smart.

I would reassess who the dumb ones are.

wiz719149d ago

@Crows games don’t stay on the service all that times , they come and go. It’s not hard to believe , exactly how I found out about Subnautica I bought both games while they were still on GP.

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neutralgamer199250d ago

Look at the inflation up next is US and Europe

GotGame81850d ago

Oof, suites you Sir! Oof, oof, suites you sir! Oof, oof, care for a Playstation sir! Oof, oof, oof, serves you fine sir. Oof, oof!

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Outside_ofthe_Box51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Well, well, well.... This should be good....

Not surprising given current state of global economy/inflation and the fact that Phil hinted at this happening at some point. I hope people keep the same energy for this news as they did for similar news...

Godmars29051d ago

Thought he said Gamepass would go up.

Outside_ofthe_Box51d ago

Seemed like an across the board statement. Wasn't specific to games, GamePass or console.

EvertonFC51d ago

That's next month 🤣😂

VenomUK51d ago

Don't worry fellas that's Japan, the price will never go up in Europe...

Abriael51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

You're the one who got close to it among all the wacky doom & gloom comments.

They're simply (and explicitly) adapting to the weak yen. Both the Xbox Series X and the Series S were actually much cheaper in Japan than everywhere else due to the yen having plummeted over the past 2 years.

Now they'll be *still* cheaper, just less.

Concertoine51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Series X at launch was 495 in JP:

Before this price cut it was $422, now it will be 59,978¥ = 460.93

So yeah it is an adjustment due to the weak yen and its still a generous price in the grand scheme.

Orchard51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Well that sucks for Japan and will kill the sales MS had there (which weren't many). Hopefully they don't do it across the board like Sony did.

Jin_Sakai51d ago

They can afford a $69 billion acquisition but layoff 10k people and can’t afford to keep the current prices of their console. Makes sense.

Orchard51d ago

They made the decision to buy Activision a year ago. A lot has changed in the economy in that time, heck the Russia-Ukraine war hadn’t even begun.

tay870151d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@ orchard, you really think it's going to end with japan? Lol Come on where is your vitriol? This an anti consumer move isn't it? After all you claimed it was when Sony did it, but since it's the green machine suddenly it's a nothingburger. What are you going to say when more regions get hit, how about when gamepass price hike goes into effect? Said this months ago when Phil made that statement. Xbox is going to raise prices accross the board: games, consoles and gamepass. I'm 2 for 3 so far. Gamepass is next

shinoff218351d ago

Orchard the point being your moving the goal post.

Price increase on system check
Price increase on games check

Just admit it if Sony is anti consumer then ms is right their riding the bus with them. Stop moving the goal post Lil guy.

The Wood51d ago

Orchard has PCS, Perpetual Cap Syndrome. Sony lives in his head like he has PTSD from battering last gen.

Spencer did say prices will increase. He was very honest with that so credit to him.

S2Killinit51d ago

I love it when Orchard spins so hard. Hope he doesnt wear glasses, or it would go flying.

Spinning spinning spinning. 😆

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lodossrage51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Sony didn't raise the price across the board

And as usual, bringing up forces OUTSIDE of the topic.

Edit- if you're going to make those kinds of claims, you should really do some research to make sure you're right. It took me less than a minute to find that link

Orchard51d ago

Okay so in the future I’ll adopt the wording “increased the prices in every major market minus America” or “increased the prices in ~50 countries” (or 33, it’s not clear if Europe is the continent or union).

How’s that for accuracy?

Chevalier50d ago

Ah Orchard constantly making excuses and moving goalpost. Xbox making a lot of terrible decisions lately.

Christopher51d ago

Just a helpful FYI: 'across the board' is synonymous with 'applying to all'. So, you know, that statement you made isn't true. Glad you're not criticizing Sony for having to make decisions based on economic factors anymore, though.

Orchard51d ago

Yes I simplified it to ‘across the board’ to save listing out all the countries that are in Europe (plus I doubt I could name them all).

Perhaps “every major market minus America” would’ve been more accurate.

I do still think Sony pulled the trigger early, plus much wider and with a substantial increase - and announcing them while also announcing you’re now making profit on consoles wasn’t good optics.

That being said, I live in the US and already have a PS5 so I’m doubly not affected.

Christopher51d ago

***I do still think Sony pulled the trigger early, plus much wider and with a substantial increase - and announcing them while also announcing you’re now making profit on consoles wasn’t good optics.***

Man, you swung hard back to criticizing Sony. At least I understand your limits. Can't say I respect them. But I understand them at least.

I'm certain spending $70B to buy your way into better competition and then laying off anyone at all in their gaming divisions, increasing game prices, and increasing hardware prices at all is good optics? Or do we just have to bring up Sony to remind people it's not just MS?

lodossrage51d ago


It's because deflection and misinformation are his mutant powers

Orchard51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

My views on the Sony price increase situation haven't really changed since my last post, so yeah you could call it swinging back hard I guess, but it's basically just re-iterating what I wrote ~6 months before.

Maybe if they knew what they know today, they wouldn't have spent $70bn on ATVI - and layoffs are definitely not good optics. The only 'silver lining' - and I certainly don't celebrate people losing jobs - but 343 definitely needed a severe shake up.

And I only mentioned Sony once - in saying that I hope they don't do the same widespread increases. I needed a reference point.

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tay870151d ago

@orchard dude just take the L. You WAY over reacted when it was Sony, now you are making it sound like it's jot a big deal when it is in reverse. We are talking less than 6 months ago, it was anti consumer, now its not? BTW they have raised the price multiple times in India as well. Csnt wait to see you shill for MS when they announ e price increases elsewhere. Lol

IRetrouk51d ago

"I do still think Sony pulled the trigger early, plus much wider and with a substantial increase - and announcing them while also announcing you’re now making profit on consoles wasn’t good optics."

The profit story was announced in August 21, the price increase announcement was August 22.... stop making bs up.

They reacted to inflation...nothing early about it.... ms held off but could only do it for so long, first was India, now its japan, if you think thats it, more fool you.

RauLeCreuset51d ago

No need for an FYI. He knew it was a false statement. You know he knew it was a false statement. We all know he knew it was a false statement. I would quote the evidence, but in some wild interpretation I would be the one in need of being moderated. Instead, I'll just say go look at his responses here in which he acknowledges knowing it wasn't true.

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Sonic188151d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Gamepass will be next unfortunately. Price increase incoming

Orchard51d ago

I don't think it will anytime soon, if anything, they're going in the opposite direction of technically making it cheaper with the F&F plan.

RauLeCreuset51d ago

I suspect they want to avoid doing that PREMATURELY, in response to underperformance or economic conditions. Look at this price increase as an example. The same yen that buys a Japanese Xbox buys a Japanese Game Pass sub. Yet, only the console increased. Xbox bet the farm on Game Pass to the detriment of their traditional business model, but they're still in the courting phase, leveraging the idea of cheap games to attract enough subs who will stick around (or have no other practical alternative) once they do raise prices to make their new business model a viable one.

Outside_ofthe_Box51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I'm just going to leave this here. The huge contrast in criticism is crazy.

"I do still think Sony pulled the trigger early, plus much wider and with a substantial increase"

Oh so now it's no longer that they did "pull the trigger" it's the fact that they did it early? Let me guess, had they "pulled the trigger" today it would have been okay? Yeah, no, as long as they did it before Microsoft it was always going to be "too early" for you.

"and announcing them while also announcing you’re now making profit on consoles wasn’t good optics."

Announcing it while letting you know they make a profit is bad, but announcing it while letting you know they are making a $70 billion purchase is good optics..... Lol the length some people go........ 😂

Orchard51d ago

One is a price increase in Japan, the other is a price increase in over 30 countries - every major market minus America. Not even comparable.

Outside_ofthe_Box51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

So price increases are okay as long as it's in one region? Do you think they won't increase the price in other markets down the line?

Also do you read/remember what you post? Your issue was the fact they even entertained increasing the price of their consoles saying that they can "afford not to do this"

Don't know why I even give such foolishness attention at this point. People can view the posts and come to their own conclusions. It's obvious what you are doing.

----EDIT @ BELOW-----

"So then my issue still stands true to this day - Sony announced they are making a profit on each PS5 sold, therefore they could afford to not make such a large and widespread increase ~6 months ago 🤷"


Orchard51d ago

"Your issue was the fact they even entertained increasing the price of their consoles saying that they can "afford not to do this""

So then my issue still stands true to this day - Sony announced they are making a profit on each PS5 sold, therefore they could afford to not make such a large and widespread increase ~6 months ago 🤷

jznrpg51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Sony didn’t do across the board . Most markets not all but of course you know that but knowingly misinform

Orchard51d ago

Yep, I was simplifying it for time and brevity.

As I stated above, In the future I'll be more accurate and use "increased the prices in every major market minus America" or "increased the prices in ~50 countries" (or 33, it’s not clear if Europe is the continent or union).

DarXyde51d ago


Now I'm curious: is it possible, at all, for you to take bad news for Microsoft in context without also stating something negative about PlayStation? They live rent free in your mind, clearly. 🙄 Last I heard, by the way, the price hike for PlayStation 5 is also in select markets. Either way, focus. Stop with the derailment and behave yourself.

On topic, this isn't a big deal, really. You could probably fit every purchased Xbox in Japan thus far in a single apartment building (exaggerating, if only a bit). I don't think this hurts their bottom line. Pretty much anyone who really wants one will get it regardless, and that's kind of how Xbox has always been in Japan: you have to *really* want one. Worst case, that group will just wait a little longer.

Hofstaderman51d ago

You can’t kill what’s dead

b777conehead51d ago

Sony is running their company . The way they want they decided to raise the prices other than USA. You say they were making money on the console . That they should eat the price difference. They chose not to. Go open your own business then you can take a loss if you want. Sony like the rest of companies are in business to make a profit. Consumers can vote with their wallet. If they don’t want to pay for the increase . Everybody thanks companies owe them something. They don’t they build products are provide a service. And chose the price. So again people will either pay if the value of the product are service is worth it to them . If not the will not and goto another company are service .

ironmonkey51d ago

Well if Ms sucks now, this will make it suckier.

RedDevils51d ago

Sales? lol Oh btw they will follow Sony alright, is just a matter of when.

EvertonFC51d ago

MS should have done it at the same time as Sony as everyone has forgotten about the Sony price hike since GoWR, VR2 news etc however it'll look worse off for Xbox as they haven't had any real AAA yet.
At least playstation somewhat justified the price hike with GT7, returnal, rachet, GOWR, HFW, Spiderman MM, stray etc unlike MS

Crows9050d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Across the obviously not across the board since they didn't do it for US

You could've just said "everywhere but the US and whatever other areas"

Not so hard. You said across the board because you intentionally want to mislead and throw shade.

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TheColbertinator51d ago

That's great. More opportunities for Microsoft to...uhhh you know... I got nothing.

XiNatsuDragnel51d ago

Sorry man I feel this it's just this no positive spin about price increases I know off topic but Sony or otherwise imo.

generic-user-name51d ago

Devastating news for the 15k Japanese people who would have bought one over the next 5 years.

Abriael51d ago

I mean, they have sold 500,000 units in 3 years...

generic-user-name51d ago

Those came free in the bottom of their cereal boxes.

andy8551d ago

That's more than likely because of PS5 shortage. Now that seems to be over they've sold about 1500 Series X in around 2 months. His number probably isn't miles off