Can Uncharted 5 Work Without Naughty Dog?

The torch must be passed, but can Uncharted work without Naughty Dog?

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sammarshall102500d ago

Yes! One think about Sony is their studios help each other and they have the best support studios in the business

A few Naughty Dog's wouldn't have any issue helping with the project

-Foxtrot500d ago

I think it can

I just want Chloe and Charlie to lead the franchise going forward

I don’t want Sam, Cassy or Nadine…however with how things have changed in the voice acting industry recently I don’t think Laura Bailey could come back anyway

McMahonme7500d ago

I agree, though I think I could also work perfectly to eventually bring Cassie into the fold under Chloe and Charlie’s tutelage

Andy_Dee498d ago

Based on what? Have I missed something??

Actor Who Voices Abby Is Happy To Return In TLoU 3
In a recent interview with comicbookmovie.com, voice actor Laura Bailey has confirmed that she would happily reprise the role of Abby if Naughty Dog asked her to.

I think TLoU 3 will def go with they Abby route and maybe include some other characters. Ellie maybe or someone new to follow from another perspective.

-Foxtrot498d ago

What’s the Last of Us got to do with this or Abby?

We’re talking about Uncharted and Nadine

My point above is Nadine is black, Laura Bailey is white and if you remember two years ago there was a huge controversy where people were going on about ho black roles were being voiced by white people, a lot of people stepped down and they got new actors. So I’m saying I doubt she’d come back anyway based on the current climate, it would be a controversy waiting to happen knowing what people are like

Andy_Dee498d ago

Hahaha, missed that, thought of Abby since it's the same voice actor! :D hahaha my bad!

isarai500d ago

Sony bend and Golden Abyss proved it can.

Snookies12500d ago

Super glad to hear they're stepping away from Uncharted! It's had enough time as a franchise. I absolutely adore every one of them. But, it's refreshing to see a studio move on from their "golden goose" essentially. Looking forward to whatever they cook up next!

darthv72499d ago

ND are no stranger to hanging up a successful series on a high to do something else. It's how we got Uncharted in the first place. I wish them the best in whatever new idea they have in the wings.

MrNinosan498d ago

Crash - Jak & Daxter - Uncharted - Last of Us.

ND has moved on after successful series before and every new project have been better and better.

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