MLB The Show 23 launches in Xbox Game Pass in March 2023

The yearly PlayStation baseball franchise is again launching day one in Microsoft's gaming subscription service.

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Deathdeliverer51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

For anyone that knows, and I’d hate to download the game on gamespass just to see, does the game start with the PlayStation studios sizzle reel on Xbox? I just think it’s crazy how many PlayStation icons show in that reel and that they’d be the first things you’d see while holding your Xbox controller in your hand. Or does it just show like SCIE/ Sony computer interactive entertainment with the gold square?

Edit- Nvm, googled it.

solidsnake22251d ago

Can confirm. The one sport I enjoy is baseball, and I play the heck out of the Show every year. I bought a Series X basically because I wouldn't have to pay for the Show every year. I love my PS5, but this is a bad look on Sony. They should honestly step up and make it a part of PS Plus or something.