Activision exec says 'The Last Of Us' success on HBO proves Microsoft buyout should go through

Lulu Cheng Meservey sent a message to the FTC after the most recent episode of The Last of Us on HBO.

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Jin_Sakai49d ago

Just because someone else is doing good doesn’t mean you deserve the right to take away from the industry by acquiring a major 3rd party publisher.

Obscure_Observer49d ago

"Just because someone else is doing good doesn’t mean you deserve the right to take away from the industry by acquiring a major 3rd party publisher."

Sony is playing victim to the point of downplaying their own studios telling regulators that no studio could ever beat COD´s level o success and popularity, like they will go bankrupt in case MS acquires Activision/Blizzard.

It´s good that someone is willing to call out Sony on how full of sh!t they are when comes to achieve their interests.

blacktiger49d ago

not bankrupt, but public success!

shinoff218349d ago

How is ms the victim. They were downplaying their own games. Ms has more studios then sony, and still can't keep up. How not ? Maybe their a bit incompetent

Lifexline49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Agree at first I read the headline and I was like Damm that is some major spin. But then I actually clicked the article and read the tweets and she has point.

Sony is acting like a victim as if they are in last place. They are the market leader I will really be shocked if the deal doesn’t go through. I get what she is saying Sony will be fine without COD they do have plentiful of IP to sustain them yes the last of us being one of them. She has a really good point. Sony is acting like they don’t have a war chest of IP that are very successful. They are just trying to squash the competition from competing.

SoulWarrior49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Microsoft is playing the victim to the point of downplaying themselves as a tiny 2 trillion dollar company that can't compete unless they are allowed to start a monopoly and will go bankrupt unless they can push the buy out through, it's laughable.

curtain_swoosh49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

"sony is playing the victims downplaying their own studios"

i hate to tell you this, but it was Microsoft who was like "we cant beat sony or nintendo", always playing the underdog. not having games amd needing them from someone else to "stand a chance".

the trillion dollar company.

i know you like to shift the blame to others, but atleast get your facts straight.

DarXyde49d ago

"It´s good that someone is willing to call out Sony on how full of sh!t they are when comes to achieve their interests."

THE IRONY!! Oh my Lord... Okay, I need to be uncharacteristically frank here...

At the literal height of the ABK scandals, who was out there damage controlling like the embarrassing cu*k he is? Right, Phil, being a professional simp because....? Right, because he is full of sh!t and trying to achieve Microsoft's interests.

Mate, get it together. It is bloody embarrassing watching you make this argument. You either lack self awareness, are capriciously hypocritical, are a Microsoft sycophant, or some combination thereof. I refuse to believe you lack such a basic, basic level of objectivity.

I don't care what you say about Sony. Not my company and you're entitled to an opinion. Where I find it frustrating is having strong opinions about "the opposition" that, while probably true, is admissible when your own team does it. This deeply unprincipled take is just depressing. I'll say the same thing to you that I say to Orchard: behave yourself.

TallDarknWavy49d ago

That dopey executive is the result of affirmative action and nothing else.
An Asian woman who knows absolutely nothing about business, industry, entertainment, games or tv.
This is what happens when you push diversity hires.

Mr_cheese49d ago

There are some real blind eyed opinions here.

You think because a company worked hard to establish a lead in an industry, it gives competing businesses the rights that throw as much money as possible at removing products from the lead?
It's a strange way to look at things and probably says a lot about your own life.

Crows9048d ago

The only one downplaying is Microsoft. They pretty much said all their games are crap and they will never be able to make games like Sony. Theyre also insulting the success of CoD by saying its not even that popular or good.

Sony is not downplaying their own studios by claiming that CoD has success they cant really replicate. It is 100% true and accurate. Sony worked its ass off in order to reach the level theyre at....CoD doesnt work hard to deliver high quality games and yet is constantly the most sold.

I guess the not working hard falls in line with Microsoft philosophy towards making games.

ChiefofLoliPolice48d ago

Are you mental??...are you real?!? You can't be serious...

1Victor48d ago

Obscure: “ It´s good that someone is willing to call out Sony on how full of sh!t they are when comes to achieve their interests.”

She lost all credibility when she have a vested monetary interest in the issue at hand.
It’s like el chapo telling the USA government he support the legalization of all drugs and want to be their supplier in North America🤦🏿

MegaLogic48d ago

You hit the nail on the head, this place is a spin zone, but in the real world, where logical people dwell, you're 100% right

Vengeance113848d ago

You misspelled Microsoft in who's playing victim. Poor 2 trillion dollar company just can't keep up unless they own everything lol awww poor little infinite money company.
Luckily Sony will spank them in the end.

BLAKHOODe48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Sony has a lot of IPs that win a lot of awards, but none have had the success of COD.. and Sony's IPs are years apart - 4 years between 2018's God Of War and it's 2022 sequel. A new COD comes out every year. It's not even close to being thought of as comparable.

Bobertt48d ago

Activison is way more than just CoD. They have World of Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, Candy Crush etc. All of those are at the top or in the top earners for Console, PC, and Mobile gaming.

SeTTriP48d ago

I play call of duty and I don't want to buy a shitty Xbox to do so nor do I game on p.c

It's multiplat and it should stay multiplat period.why buy something you already had excess to?

Name Last Name48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Are MS incompetent in developing their studios? Yes
Are they looking for a sleazy shortcut? Yes
Will they be a monopoly-ish and generally hurt consumers by acquiring Acti? Probably Not

Gamers are mad at MS for taking the easy way but that doesn’t matter legally.

purple10148d ago

Cod sells 15m and most of their exclusives sell 10million on average. Some a little less some a little more.. and cod is 15mill every year.

So the're correct by the numbers no?

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Godmars29049d ago

Just because the original IP of a competitor is doing well in a different medium doesn't mean that you deserve to have control over several IPs you otherwise had no hand in making. Especially when your own similar attempted...well...

Crows9048d ago

Yeah...they already have halo. They can make halo better right? What about gears?? Oh well...guess we know what Microsoft really thinks about their own games.

Hypertension14049d ago

They act as if Sony's first party games were once on Xbox and Sony took them away from them.

CrimsonWing6949d ago

Do you think without Call of Duty, Sony would fall apart?

Like, this is a legit question.

tay870149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Doesn't matter if they won't fall apart. Question, would it be OK for Sony to aquire take 2 and take away gta and red dead?

CrimsonWing6949d ago (Edited 49d ago )


Sure, why not? Open-World games like Spider-Man, Infamous, and Ghost of Tsushima are exclusive to Sony. I’m sure if they acquired Take 2 those games would still be on PC. Exclusivity is what separates your platform from the competitor.

Now would Sony ever be able to acquire Take 2? Not likely.

Besides, I don’t get why everyone jumps down Microsoft’s throat over this when Activision Blizzard approached them first. If they approached Sony first I doubt people would be b*tching about this.

Rynxie48d ago Show
n1kki648d ago

What exactly is MS taking away?

It's OK when Sony pays for superior versions or blocks games from MS?

You are all asshats.

CrimsonWing6948d ago


I swear these fanboys are ridiculous to talk to. I even asked if Sony would truly fall apart without COD as if they have no games that could sustain them or that they could make to fill one game they no longer have on the platform.

I get no straight answer. Also, they act like Microsoft is gobbling everything up when f*cking Activision Blizzard came to them about the acquisition. If anything get pissed that Activision Blizzard didn’t approach Sony first.

darkrider48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Tons of games, not just Cod. From the biggest market. Microsoft gamers arent getting any new games. They are just being taken from Sony and Nintendo.

By the way it was Microsoft that kind of stuff

SoulWarrior48d ago

False equivalency, spending 80 billion on publishers just to gain IPs and take them away the competition =/= a handful of 3rd party exclusives and timed exclusives (which MS continue to do btw).

neutralgamer199248d ago

This deal shouldn't be allowed. Regardless of their reasoning

1- Sony's success is 85-90% based on the studios they own. They never bought all these studios in one generation, they acquired them over decades

2- Ms got into the gaming industry to compete with PlayStation and now 4 generations in they are nowhere near competitive. So they gave up and now just want to buy their way out

3- before this generation ask yourself how many acquisitions were there in total for past 3 generations? Now keep in mind that's when you have multiple publishers who went out of business


Just to name few

This acquisition isn't about giving gamers more options it's forcing everyone to get gamepass and the sooner they can do that the sooner they can eliminate the used game market and physical media in general. Very quietly Phil Spencer has been implementing everything that don matrick had announced but we are so busy arguing with each other to realize that

Please FTC let this deal go through so we can move on our lives but keep in mind you are opening a can of worms and after this goes through you will be setting a precedent

sinspirit48d ago

Exactly. Monopoly laws are meant to prevent monopolies by business and rich company chequebooks. Not to break down businesses that are just genuinely good at what they do and give unfair advantages to competitors to force lazy and fake competition onto a higher pedestal.

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italiangamer49d ago

Even more proofs that Activision is run by morons.

Obscure_Observer49d ago

They want their bussiness to be run by a better company. Welcome to capitalism.

kneon49d ago

No, they just want to cash out

jwillj2k449d ago

You literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

They want their golden parachutes, welcome to capitalism.

badz14949d ago

"Better company"?? Like MS totally saved Nokia from going under, right? /s

The "better company" even let their main studio to ruin their main/mascot IP, for god sake! and Activision has been selling so many games, nothing MS has can compare and yet MS is the "better company"?? better how?

stop trying to spin things! MS is just a lump of money made by Windows and Office that is now throwing tantrums (and money) into the industry buying the biggest (and most influential) publishers to keep games off PS because they have been failing to be the top dog of yet another industry section!

Crows9048d ago

Capitalism has nothing to do with better business or companies. Capitalism is about money.

darkrider48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Better? How can the last in videogaming be the best? If Sony or Nintendo were buying them you could say that.

Not a company that started a new gen with zero games, and nothing last year and if they didn't already got beteshda, this year would be another forza that doesn't even got launch date... They are really good... This with 23 studios working... More then Sony and Nintendo....

Obscure_Observer48d ago

"Better? How can the last in videogaming be the best? If Sony or Nintendo were buying them you could say that."

Dude, it´s Activision/Blizzard the ones who wants to be acquired by Microsoft, so, it´s pretty clear that they don´t want to have anything to do with Sony or Nintendo in the future, otherwise, they would chose and remain independent. Deal with it!

"this year would be another forza that doesn't even got launch date... They are really good... This with 23 studios working... More then Sony and Nintendo...."

Grounded - 82
Pentiment - 86
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - 87
Hi-Fi Rush - 89

I think Xbox studios is doing great, but thank you for your concern. XD

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Lifexline49d ago

Did you read what she wrote or just read the headline? How is it moronic what she said she makes a good point that Sony has a war chest of IP the last of us being one of them to sustain them. Sony acts like their IP is worthless and it’s all about COD. It makes perfect sense what she is saying. You all need to learn how to read an article completely not just the headline.

rippermcrip49d ago

Sony can have a war chest of IP.
Microsoft's purchase of THE biggest publisher can be anticompetitive.

Those things aren't exclusive.

Verizon has most cell phone users. If ATT tried to buy out TMobile... they can't say well Verizon has more users... so it isn't anticompetitive.

It is even worse for Microsoft because they are already one of the largest companies in the world. They are using that to try to make Xbox number 1. "well they are bigger" isn't justification.

Lifexline49d ago

Those are horrible examples Because if ATT bought T-Mobile it would automatically become number 1. Microsoft buying activision still wouldn’t make them number one Sony would still be bigger how is that anti competitive. If anything it would make the gaming industry more competitive.

That’s what she is trying to convey Sony is acting like MS buying activision is the end of them. But they will be fine they will actually have competition. Which is good for consumers. Sony has plentiful of IP that will help them compete.

curtain_swoosh49d ago

but that would imply that she thinks that Halo, the show, was trash and bad. that MS cant handle their IPs to be successful or creat their own ips to stand on their own and just buy someone elses already successful franchise.

you need to learn how to read and understand what people are saying.

Lifexline49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

@curtain swoosh some of you guys you’re IQ is really low. The way you guys interpret things it really amazes me. She is not talking badly about MS at all. She is exclusively talking about Sony and saying they have so many quality successful IP’s. That they will be fine if they hypothetically approved the deal for actiblizz. It will not hurt them the way Sony is trying to make it seem like it will. That they have so many IP in movies, games and music that can transcend into either of those markets and be successful. They clearly have quality IP as well but not as big as Sony that is what she is stating. That MS wants more quality IP to be in a level playing field. Yes they can obviously develop their own but they decided to take a shortcut instead that’s business.

badz14949d ago


dude, please check the MS inventory and see how many IPs they actually have! it's not Sony's fault MS is incompetent in popularising these IPs! they just sit on these IPs doing nothing while only churning the same 3 IPs over and over!

was it Sony's fault that Halo was huge back then and Killzone and Resistance both were just blips on the radar compared to it? it wasn't and at least they can say that they have tried! So they stopped producing these games once it was clear that the market is dominated by CoD and BF and they started focusing on what they do best, thus the birth of new IPs like TLoU, Horizon, GoTsushima, new God of War, Spider-man (thanks to Marvel and Insomniac) and some others as well! and Sony goes the extra mile with VR too while MS goes with Hololens but instead of gaming-focus, MS was too busy trying to win a contract with the US military and that too seems in jeopardy nowadays.

INCOMPETENCE - the best way to describe MS gaming effort. doesn't mean that they should be allowed to buy everybody!

Crows9048d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Except theyre not going to be milking it like CoD or Halo.
Give me an IP that sonys has been running as long as CoD? And has remained as successfull throughout every iteration.

Learn to think for yourself a bit.

And yes Activision being bought by Microsoft would immediately and effectively make Microsoft shoot up in value like never before. If they then went with making CoD exclusive ...yeah. Not to mention theyve also bought a bunch of other popular developers and IP. Adding CoD on top of that is shooting well above and beyond the original vision.

Before you make another silly comment...yes, making CoD exclusive would make lots of Playstation gamers abandon Playstation. Many gamers buy some racing, sports and CoD. Move CoD away and they will still be buying the same games but on a different platform.

1Victor48d ago

Life:” Which is good for consumers. Sony has plentiful of IP that will help them compete.”
Exactly Microsoft don’t need to buy activision they have plentiful IP and studios to compete they don’t need to overreach and buy ABK

jznrpg48d ago

They made their IP . They aren’t taking 3rd party IP away from others . MS can make their own IP with that 69$ billion dollars .

Sharky23148d ago

All of Sonys IP together doesn’t match the year after year of COD. That’s the argument. If Xbox allows COD to appear on game pass and no other service. It will wipe out a huge amount of revenue for Sony. I mean where would you choose to play if it was included in game pass? I hope the sale doesn’t go through and ole Bobby gets what he deserves.

sinspirit48d ago

It doesn't matter what Sony has. You don't approve massive multiplatform devs with over five number 1 franchises that control the top spot of their respective genres to become acquired by a badly managed gaming company just because they don't know how to compete. A monopoly is when there is control over the market by anti-competitive means. Sony isn't anti-competitive. They don't remove the competition. They bring up their own properties instead. Microsoft is trying to remove the competition. They see everything that is not first party as a chess piece for the competition that they want to remove. Sony just wants to have more pieces on the board. They boost their IP's up. Microsoft does not. You don't reward bad management by giving them access to their endless chequebook to buy properties and remove competition.

Lifexline48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Like I said some of you guys I don’t understand your thinking. The IQ level…. You are all stating the obvious yes Microsoft owns more IP but they have shown they are incompetent of consistently producing games themselves I agree with a few exceptions. Which is why they bought Bethesda and look it’s working for them. So does it surprise anyone that they are continuing that trend. It’s legal they have the money to do it so why not do it. Obviously it’s a shortcut to be near the top. Is it fair thats subjective but it’s legal at the end of the day

Anyone would jump at the chance if they could. Yes it will hurt Sony no one is denying that but not enough to put them out of business. The lady is stating that they have a “war chest” of IP to keep them afloat that is the point she is making if COD were taken away. Sometimes it’s so hard to talk sense to people in this website it’s like you guys lack mental capacity to think outside of your beliefs.

AndrewM48d ago

Everyone would jump at the chance? Don't lump yourself in with everyone, not everyone would take the deal, and anyone who would is absolute does not matter if it's 'legal'.

sinspirit48d ago

You're really gonna bring up IQ? You don't understand the legality or the common sense of the situation. It's not about if Sony could go out of business. It's about the consumers and their choice. This directly affects the market and the consumers who spend the money to make that market exist. Microsoft is not good at competing in this market. They traditionally overhype and under deliver, ruin IP's and just dilute the market with the same old formula because they're lost and don't really care to try. You don't reward bad competition by allowing the bad competitors to buy up gargantuan third parties that sell 80-90% of their IP's on PlayStation. You're literally removing tens of millions of consumers free choice over where they want to play their favorite games.

Sony isn't acting like their games aren't enough either. They're being honest about the impact and effect that losing several chart topping franchises of several different genres has on the consumer and thus themselves.

This is like having a neighborhood of three houses. Two of the neighbors really take care of their house and make it look nice and put in the effort themselves. Have they bought a nice unique decoration or planted something unique now and then? Sure. Have they expanded their lots and added more to them? Of course, typically 100% reasonable decision making without affecting anyone. Now here is the third neighbor. They don't take care of their house or yard. If anyone were to get government cooperation when needing approval to build or massively expand in a way that would affect everyone around them, why would it be Microsoft? They can't manage, they don't care about gamers, they don't try with any ounce of passion for the games, they have buried developers potential, and they consistently lie and mislead just like they did about Bethesda. They are having trouble with this acquisition for a reason so quit trying to act like this acquisition makes sense because of personal bias.

VariantAEC40d ago

"Except theyre not going to be milking it like CoD or Halo.
Give me an IP that sonys has been running as long as CoD? And has remained as successfull throughout every iteration."

Gran Turismo.

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jznrpg49d ago

A TV show changes everything /s

CptDville49d ago

According to Xbox One launch, TV is what really matters!

badz14949d ago

you forgot Sports and...watercoolers!

and ironically, CALL OF DUTY! your dog, man!

PapaBop48d ago

Probably salty that the Halo show was bang average.

Sonic188148d ago

That show sucked big time

Godmars29049d ago

Also know as grasping at straws.

DeusFever48d ago

This exec really wants a new boss. Can’t blame anyone at Activision who wants this.

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Moe-Gunz48d ago

That was all that I can do too