MLB The Show 23 Release Date, Pre-Order Date, Cover Athlete Announced

MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete: Jazz Chisholm
MLB The Show 23 Pre-Order Date: Feb 6, 2023
MLB The Show 23 Release Date: March 28, 2023

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Orchard531d ago

They've also confirmed this is coming to GamePass day 1 again: https://www.windowscentral....

Obscure_Observer530d ago

Awesome news!

Gamepass is amazing!

VenomUK530d ago

This is the plan for Call of Duty.

Obscure_Observer530d ago (Edited 530d ago )


I think we all Gamepass subscribers should thank you, for your hard-earned $70 spent on MLB The Show 23, while helping Sony funding the development of another future MBL game in 2024 for your fellow PC and Xbox players, just like you did last year. Thank you!

"It's still known that Microsoft worked behind the scenes and Sony's back to get this game on Xbox. Not because Sony wants to lose their franchise by dropping it."

Do you REALLY think Sony is not getting paid by Microsoft to allow MBL games developed by THEIR first party studio, under THEIR licence, over THEIR marketing on Gamepass???

Dude, you can´t be that naive. While you´re here crying and moaning about MBL on Gamepass Day One, Sony is making their way straight to the bank with a smile from ear to ear, because they know their making big money from Microsoft and YOU. Lol.

ApocalypseShadow530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Also confirming Xbox mindset. First three comments aren't about, "Can't wait to buy this excellent baseball franchise game." Nope. It's, "Yes, it's coming to game pass." Even the supposed PS5 owner is hyping game pass but supposedly doesn't have an Xbox. But hasn't mentioned getting it on PS5. Makes you wonder...

Gamers comment about Sony paying third party developers to keep games off of the subscription. Totally ignoring the obvious reason: so that it doesn't hurt sales numbers of games they want to sell that they can control. Sony doesn't control the MLB license. By keeping games off of game pass, Microsoft can't use it in advertising to say they have the game cheaper to play than purchasing said game for $60-70 dollars on Sony's system. Which only makes business sense to do so.

It's still known that Microsoft worked behind the scenes and Sony's back to get this game on Xbox. Not because Sony wants to lose their franchise by dropping it. And we know Microsoft has enough money to build their own game. They just wanted Sony's game and influenced MLB to do so. But the fans act like Microsoft isn't shady or cut throat.

I'd even bet Microsoft has tried to work behind the scenes to try and get Disney and Marvel to push Sony to release their in-house developed Spider-Man on Xbox so they can try and use game pass against Sony with it on pricing.

Hereandthere530d ago

They blame sony and wonder why some 3rd party games skip xbox altogether.

Orchard530d ago

"First three comments aren't about Yes, it's coming to game pass."

It's almost like... gamers like GamePass 🤯😲 Mind = blown.

530d ago
Lightning77531d ago

I believe it's on Gamepass also. This is the 2nd year in a row it hits Gamepass.

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slayernz530d ago

How good would this game be on psvr2? Would be perfect for it!


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