Dead Space is No.1, but launch sales lower than The Callisto Protocol | UK Boxed Charts

It was a busy week for game releases last week, with Dead Space, Forspoken, Goldeneye and Hi-Fi Rush all available.

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Nyxus49d ago

The Last of Us Part I and Remastered are both up since last week (when they already had a 238% and 322% sales increase respectively).

Nyxus49d ago

From what it sold before. But the point here is the increase, which is of course due to the HBO series.

Orchard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

We need actual numbers to know if that means anything though. 238% of 1000 is only 2380.

We already know the vast majority of the market is digital, so it's a 238% increase in what is already a tiny portion of the market, for a game that didn't sell well at launch and is now older too.

Nyxus49d ago

You want the digital data too?

"Now the digital data is in for the UK, we can see that The Last of Us Part 1 sales actually grew 305% week-on-week and is at No.11 in the charts. Last of Us Remastered was up 337%, and is at No.16."

Orchard49d ago

I said I want numbers, percentages are relative.

But yes, it is better to have combined data, at least then you're looking at the entire dataset.

SonyStyled48d ago

A raise in 238% means they are selling 2.38 copies for every one copy sold previously. That sales for the game after the show released are more than double from what they were in the weeks before the show released

48d ago
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Lifexline49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The show is really good that’s why. I never played the game but not going to lie the show made me interested in how the game is.

As far as dead space was the series known for its sales it never really sold too well. ISO why would this one sell like hot cakes the series is not that big.

SoulWarrior49d ago

Callisto is outpacing it so far? Well that sucks, this is leagues and bounds superior, hopefully it has good legs.

Orchard49d ago

This is only boxed games - Digital vastly outweighs physical in the UK, plus Dead Space had a good amount of digital bonuses.

Probably not a fair comparison - and I agree, DSR is great.

Nyxus49d ago

Digital doesn't vastly outweigh physical in the UK. These are the numbers from last month:

"2.85 million games were downloaded, while over 3.5 million games were bought physically."


Orchard49d ago

That sounds like a one off anomaly month, or incorrect. We know that in western countries with decent internet, digital is always bigger than physical.

Even back in 2018, it was already 80% digital in the UK: https://www.gamesindustry.b...

Then for 2019: https://www.gamesindustry.b...

"The majority of the games, 24.5 million, were downloaded (which is up 74% over 2019)."

And for 2022...

Nyxus49d ago

"We know that in western countries with decent internet, digital is always bigger than physical."

Okay, here are the charts for Europe.

"27.4 million tracked games were sold across European markets in December, a drop of 13% over the year before.

11.4 million of those sales were digital (down 17% year-on-year), while nearly 16 million sales were physical (down just over 10%)."


Orchard49d ago

Sorry but if you really believe physical games still outnumber digital games, you're either being misled or are choosing to believe a lie.


PC + Console: 98% digital, 2% boxed
Console only: 72% digital, 28% boxed
Overall market revenue: 94.2% digital, 5.8% boxed

It's been this way for a while 🤷

Nyxus49d ago

@ Orchard: that's revenue. So it includes DLC, microtransactions and the like.

Orchard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

@Nyxus Once again... https://www.gamesindustry.b...

"Across both physical and digital, 42.7 million games were bought, which is a 34% increase over 2019. The majority of the games, 24.5 million, were downloaded (which is up 74% over 2019)."

I've provided you with many links showing that the UK is more digital than physical. Whether you choose to absorb that information or not is up to you.

But anyone in their right mind knows that digital has taken over physical. This occurred a long time ago.

Anyway, that's the last reply from me on this topic. Facts are facts - and I'm not wasting my replies on a topic that has been settled long ago.

Nyxus49d ago

"Anyway, that's the last reply from me on this topic"

Glad to hear it!

SoulWarrior49d ago

Ah yeah, it would help if I read the whole damn headline lol.

shinoff218349d ago

I've seen somewhere mention that digital sales always include mobile also. So it makes sense that digital sells more then physical if their adding in mobile sales of video games. If true

Profchaos49d ago

Digital outweighs physical in the US but outside of that digital is often considerably higher in price than the physical equivalent which is why in the UK physical outpaces digital. It's a particularly bad price different in Australia/ NZ also with digital costing an additional 25 to 40% on a new physical game

SurgicalMenace49d ago

Absolutely no point... just exhausting.

EvertonFC49d ago

Isn't everyone normally skint after Xmas, especially with the cost of living crisis.
January imo is an awful time to release a game, I'm betting sales pickup February/march

Chevalier49d ago

"I said I want numbers, percentages are relative."

Asks for numbers and percentages don't count?

"PC + Console: 98% digital, 2% boxed
Console only: 72% digital, 28% boxed
Overall market revenue: 94.2% digital, 5.8% boxed"

But where are your Numbers Orchard? Didn't you just say percentages are relative?! So where are YOUR numbers?! Or right absolutely 💯 idiotic. You got NO numbers or FACTS to back up you're OWN arguments. But can't present numbers yourself?! Absolutely hypocritical AND idiotic.

Just saying stupid things one after the other.

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where-eagles-dare49d ago

Orchard's delusional rantings are a wonderful cure for my insomnia.

Chevalier49d ago

Idiot rants then ask for numbers and guess what? Can't give ANY. Numbers placed in front of him his response?! Percentages of sales.... uh dude you literally just ignored what everyone said because without numbers Percentages don't mean much. Then goes and post Percentages with no numbers attached?! Well let's not count anyone's Percentages, but, NOW Percentages do matter! Like the goalposts are in different stadiums now.

wiz719149d ago

@Soulwarrior Callisto has it flaws but it’s still a pretty decent game. Currently swapping through both , both are great games. DS definitely has its flaws to tho I ran across a couple bugs that’s were pretty hilarious.

Knushwood Butt49d ago

'80% of Dead Space's physical sales were on PS5, with the remainder on Xbox.'.

That's a big split. High engagement on PS5.

shinoff218349d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It is huge. Wonder why for real

Orchard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I mean, it mentions it right there in the next sentence that he casually cut out:

"80% of Dead Space's physical sales were on PS5, with the remainder on Xbox. Again, this will likely change once the digital data is in as Xbox gamers tend to download more."

Concertoine49d ago

I usually buy physical on Xbox but bought digital since it was 7 bucks off with EA Play

Orchard49d ago

@Flawless He asked why, so I replied with the 'why' they shared in the article 🤷

Not my words, but the words of the author of the article.

SurgicalMenace49d ago

Bro, since when is the XB community known for buying anything? The author sounds like a battered wife trying to convince her family that her husband is getting better. He's just going through something right now. Just wait is the theme here. Though Sony outpacing XB is not a new narrative. Elden Ring, COD, Destiny, GTA, and the list goes on. Let's not pretend that this is not the norm.

Chevalier49d ago

Orchard trying to pretend Xbox has more digital sales than Playstation. Absolutely hilarious. Doesn't realize Playstation has the highest digital sales of anyone. Overall digital sales for Playstation alone beat all of Xbox and Nintendo COMBINED. EA sales are also significantly higher for Playstation.

But go ahead and post those digital sales numbers?! Oh right you can't because you don't have ANY facts to back up a single argument you have you hypocrite .

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MrNinosan49d ago

Yeah, GamePass subscribers don't buy games (I knoe there is a few exceptions), so the few Xbox owners who don't have GamePass, are the sales we see.

Orchard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Meanwhile, back in the real world:

Hi-Fi Rush, a game which launched day 1 into GP is in the top sellers charts, and even outperformed Forspoken, a PS/PC exclusive that was not in game pass. In fact, it even outperformed it in terms of revenue, despite Forspoken getting $40 more per unit sold.

I guess one might conclude that people buy games, even when in GP.

SurgicalMenace49d ago

Exactly, I don't use GP at all, but I buy everything I want to play on XB.

SurgicalMenace49d ago

Nice try Orchard, it outperformed Forspoken on PC, NOT PS5.

Furthermore, that means that it has been selling on PC, not XB. Always trying to spin narratives to diminish the impact that PS has. It's crazy because it's like you refuse to just face the reality that Sony is a major factor in the gaming industry. Please tell me you're not that guy who could never figure out what was so great about the popular kids totally ignoring their charisma and public appeal?

niiopi49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

*ON STEAM and Hi-fi is already discounted - there I fixed Orchard's comment.

badz14949d ago

the Xbox sales is so dismal Orcard have to use PC sales of Hi-Fi just to say that xbox gamers buy games LOL

Chevalier49d ago

Sorry Orchards idiotic comments keep popping up. Please remind Orchard that Xbox OWN reports literally prove Xbox gamers Do NOT buy games.


"Microsoft says that even though Game Pass subscriptions and first-party titles did numbers during the quarter, those gains are offset by a decrease in third-party game purchases"

Third party sales have dropped off significantly. Plus add in this year confirmed drops of 13% of revenue and its even worse than last years already terrible sales. None of Xbox first party games even hit any top sales charts either.

Chevalier48d ago


Well the real world FACTS also confirm that Xbox gamers buy the least games. The lowest attach rate per console. Playstation and Nintendo absolutely dominate sales.

Also go ahead and check all the quarterly and yearly sales reports its across the board Playstation more than double Xbox sales in every major publisher whether it's EA, 2K games, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard it doesn't matter. Xbox doesn't even come close in a any quarterly reports. That's units and revenue all show Playstation at the top.

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zaanan49d ago

I am glad this is getting good reviews and doing well - personally I think it will have great legs- but I just have to say:

FUCK EA! They shut down Visceral bc they sold 4 millions instead of 5, now they come back and remake the first game!? What assholes!

Chevalier48d ago


""80% of Dead Space's physical sales were on PS5, with the remainder on Xbox. Again, this will likely change once the digital data is in as Xbox gamers tend to download more.""

Actually Orchard the data for EA's show that Playstation absolutely dominate Xbox sales to the tune of more than double Xbox sales. So no digital sales will NOT change that. Playstation digital sales beat all of Xbox store and Nintendo Eshop COMBINED. So FACTS suggest you're wrong. EAs revenue and quarterly reports are of TOTAL sales by console where Xbox gets dominated.

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HyperMoused49d ago

How it be No.1 with less sales

MrNinosan48d ago

Because those were released at different months

Sonic188149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Dead Space shouldn't be 70 bucks for a 15-year-old game 😂

Iceman100x48d ago

lol the 2 idiots that disagree must love being ripped off...smh

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