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Nice to have this old friend back.

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CrimsonWing6960d ago

Y'know, no online MP aside, I'm really enjoying this game and getting the achievements. I know it's total nostalgia for me and someone new wouldn't really get it, but it's been a fantastic play so far. I'm on the Depot stage.

Flawlessmic59d ago

Same here.

I only ever played the multi when I was a kid at a friend's house so never played the campaign.

Playing it now is awesome I'm surprised actually thought I would turn it off after 10 mins but that hasn't been the case.

Loving the obtuseness of the game and lack of handholding.

Also always get a good laugh when the enemies dodge roll and the faces hahaha

CrimsonWing6959d ago

That’s the thing, I mean when I was a kid everyone in the neighborhood would huddle in a room taking turns on the multiplayer. Like, I think maybe 10% of us finished the campaign, it was just MP all day e’ery day!

I’m so with you though. I only planned to play it just to reminisce and figured I wouldn’t stick with it. It’s actually legitimately fun to play and I’m laughing my ass off when people somersault and the goofy face textures. I honestly wouldn’t change it, lol.

Glad you’re enjoying it though. I’ve seen a bunch of flack being sent towards the game, which I can’t argue it doesn’t deserve, but for me personally, I’m having a blast.

wiz719159d ago

I’ve been having fun with it to , I just downloaded Perfect Dark .. being able to play both like the old days are so fun , I wish Nintendo didn’t pull that BS and we would of had online MP

Orchard59d ago

It feels weird seeing reviews for Goldeneye 007 again 😂

I completed my initial run the day it came out, now going for the 00 agent run. I highly recommend it - I had a blast, nostalgia overdose.

CrimsonWing6959d ago

It’s funny, man. When I was a kid I always thought 00 Agent was impossible, but now I’m going through it without really much issue.

Bunker 2 sort of gave me a run for my money, but after figuring out how to use throwing knives and clearing the initial 8 scripted patrollers, it’s been fun.

It’s true though, I won’t deny it’s a total nostalgia overdose, but I’m glad this exists.