The Dirty Dozen: 2008's Criminally Underappreciated Games

Adam Rosenberg writes: "I feel like Rosenberg's Ramblings can't possibly be a proper video game-focused blog until at least one charticle has been posted. Since my page dwells in the shadowy corners of the gaming Internet, known to few and read by fewer, I feel it's only natural that my first official list casts a spotlight on some of 2008's more underappreciated gems.

"Some of these you've likely played and forgotten; others you missed entirely. Maybe there's even a title or two missing. Lord knows I didn't get to play Operation Darkness, but a WWII-based tactical RPG featuring vampires and dragons can't be totally without merit, can it? The running theme binding all of these selections together is that I played and enjoyed each and every one of them."

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