Koei Tecmo Announces Declining Quarterly Financial Results but Increases Full-Year Profit Prediction

Koei Tecmo announced its financial result for the third quarter of the fiscal year, related to the period between October 1 and December 31, 2022.

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blackblades49d ago

I wonder how much they get paid for having there games on GP

Petebloodyonion49d ago

The majority of their games aren't on an Xbox and only the Ninja Gaiden remasters series is on GP.
The upcoming Wo long Fallen will be on Gamepass but it's a future title and probably there to broaden the appeal of Koei's game in Europe and North America which account for only 15% of their market.

thesoftware73049d ago

I'm sure it's a deal that they felt would benefit them. They are a business and have people for deals like GP and PS+, money projections, profit estimates, and even future engagements.

I'm positive these companies are not all willy-nilly with their businesses.

GoodGuy0949d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Really looking forward to wo long, wild hearts and rise of ronin. If these games are good then koei will become one of my most favorite 3rd party companies out there...which ain't saying much because many 3rd party companies have been doing so poor in my eyes lol.

They did good with nioh, fe three houses and the ryza games.