GoldenEye 007's Weirdest Remake Replaced Pierce Brosnan With Daniel Craig

GoldenEye was a genre-changing game for the N64 that replaced Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig in the Wii and DS ports and made some other changes.

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Snookies1248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Pierce will always be James Bond to me. He just fits the character perfectly.

-Foxtrot48d ago

Shame he can’t get one more film since Die Another Day was pretty bad

An old Bond, one last mission type of thing, doesn’t have to be canon or anything.

chicken_in_the_corn48d ago

That's a great idea. A canon epilogue to the original saga before rebooting it again.

BlackTar18748d ago

The rock.

lol I’m not serious but you should look it up. The rock - Sean Connery last bond movie.

Ashunderfire8648d ago

Yea it was the worst one ☝️ for his movies. Goldeneye was Pierce Brosnan best bond film, and it was still my favorite Bond film of all time! All the stunts including that sky dive dam sequence was all Pierce Brosnan, and no stunt double.

Eonjay48d ago

I liked Die Another Day more than The World is Not Enough

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Number1TailzFan48d ago

Not even seen Daniel Craig bond films, looked more like a villain to me when they first revealed him.

ZeekQuattro48d ago

There was another game that served as a celebration of the Bond franchise and Daniel Criag was Bond going back to the Sean Connery and Peter Moore era movies. 😄

MrChow66648d ago

Daniel Craig is the worst Bond ever

Ashunderfire8648d ago

Daniel Craig was the worse Bond ever👀 Your comment didn’t age well. Skyfall and Casino Royal was his best ones for sure!

skidmarc48d ago

I liked Daniel Craig as Bond. Some movies I didn’t like but Casino Royal was awesome.