Hi-Fi Rush: A High-Octane, Style-Fueled Xbox Exclusive | Finger-Action

Hi-Fi Rush is a game that has recently made a big impact in the gaming world, and for good reason. This fast-paced, neon-soaked rhythm game is a feast for the senses, combining slick graphics with an electrifying soundtrack to create a truly immersive experience.

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FingerAction54d ago

This game was definitely an enjoyable surprise. The soundtrack is so damn good.

Software_Lover54d ago

So are many of the hyped psvr2 games ……

wiz719153d ago

Is it on PlayStation or Switch ? No it’s not .. how my many PS5 Exclusives are going to PC now ??

cthulhucultist53d ago

You mean like God of War (2018), Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted Collection, Spiderman, Spiderman Miles Morales, Kena bridge of spirits, Days Gone, Death Stranding and soo to launch Last of Us part 1, Returnal and Sackboy A Big Adventure?

onisama53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

at least PC is a Microsoft system too lol

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giovonni54d ago

The game’s style reminds me of jetset radio future. The soundtrack, the way the game syncs with the beat, art style, and humor. I honestly wished they did a reboot of Jetset

XxSPIDEYxX53d ago

So happy I could play this On PC since I don't have an Xbox. At least not yet.