Lord of the Rings: Conquest Multiplayer Demo

Major Nelson:

Content: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Multiplayer Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Download The Lord of the Rings: Conquest online multiplayer demo and choose your side! Fight for either Good or Evil in the battle for Middle-earth!

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kharma454199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Been playing the PS3 demo and must say I thought it was quite a good game.

UltimateIdiot9114199d ago

Indeed, I enjoyed the demo quite a lot. I might actually get this game.

Bnet3434199d ago

Yeah, this game is surprisingly fun. I might buy it.

PrimordialSoupBase4199d ago

This is Dynasty Warriors, plain and simple. Pandemic makes another busted game.

Bnet3434199d ago

Dynasty Warriors? Really? I don't remember Dynasty Warriors being a fun non-repetitive online game.

Mozilla894199d ago

But this game is way different. I think its pretty cool but melee fighting online is kinda hard sometimes. By the way this demo's been out for around 2 weeks now hasn't it?

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DragonWarrior465344199d ago

I played it on my ps3 as well,, the only thing I didn't like was the crappy voice chat. Its sounds like Sh*t. Im gonna try the 360 version, I hope it plays well on it..

NegativeCreepWA4199d ago

It must be real bad becuase to me almost every game has poor voice quality on PSN.

Mc1874199d ago

Why don't you try not using a fisher price headset and try upgrading your 56k modem.

divideby04198d ago

Its the crappy mike you got or do you have a slow dsl connection ?

Everyone that I knows who has the Socom BT mike has no sound quality issues.
Every BT headset we own..2 Motos, the Warhawk Jabra and the Sony BT sound great. I did notice some with dsl connections and the Warhawk BT have some sound quality issues

NegativeCreepWA4198d ago

You two have no clue what your talking about. I have three mics the Socom mic, a wired logitech mic, and a motorola BT. My Internet connection is just fine since I direct connect my consoles when I play and if 20+ mbps of download and 2.5 upload isn't enough then I don't know what is.
I think you two are just full of it. The sound quality is poor most people sound like crap and echo. No noise cancellation for any of the mics makes it so you always have to listen to someone breathing along with whatever noise is in the background. Playing co-op on Resistance whenever the mission briefer talks I can hear it through half my teams mics. The new mic is better but it picks up just as much noise as the rest.

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lord_of_balrogs4199d ago

The thing I really like about EA is that they demo all their games.

Eiffel4199d ago

And yet have the suckest servers ever made.

Itrguy0014199d ago

the servers really do suk a$$ i swear i was looking for a room for like 20minutes

Itrguy0014199d ago

demo i thought was fun offline

zalifer4199d ago

If anyone is a true LOTR fan, they will hate this game. It take the lore and craps all over it. I was fighting sauron with a sword I could light on fire while 6 "mages" healed me and shot lightning and fireballs at him.... Did the devs even read the book? Hell, did they watch the movie?

Pebz4199d ago

Might I ask you this question then: have you ever played a video game?

That was tongue in cheek by the way, but games should and do take some artistic freedom for the sake of fun game play.

zalifer4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Granted, but it could have been a great lord of the rings game by taking out the mages, and the fire sword. Most of the other stuff seemed ok. Well, the scout class kinda sucks too, and he can go invisible... If I remember right that was a power limited to a fairly powerful LOTR artifact.... the one ring(note, there's only one of them). Besides, playing that class is pretty crap.

If it was not a LOTR game, fine. All that stuff is cool. But when you take on a franchise, particularly one as deep as lord of the rings, then you should not completely throw away some of the more important points about the world its set in. EG : there are only a handful of "wizards" and their magic is much more subtle than casting a fireball.

Blademask4199d ago

and most things. Do you think the average gamer is going to be hip to level 9 swords and Grey Mages? No.As long as its fun, and involves the IP i think thats what they are going for. Sure it cant just be a FPS with jetpacks and rock music. But I'm sure they are keeping it close. Serious question though,have you ever played a video game? ;)

zalifer4198d ago

Why? LOTR has produced loads of games before with believable gameplay mechanics that fit the lore. EG : the minstrel healing in LOTRO, as they have a morale bar, instead of health, so his songs keep morale up. I just feel like that they made a passable game (by no means think this game is great anyway, its a bit crap) and tacked on the LOTR title to sell more copies. Its just a cheesy tactic if you ask me.

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