"Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition" is coming to PC on March 14th, 2023

"The Denver-based (Colorado, the US) publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, Ziggurat Interactive, are today very happy and excited to  announce that Terminal Reality's classic 360-degree combat flight sim "Terminal Velocity", is coming to PC via Steam and GOG on March 14th, 2023 in the shape of "Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition"." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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poppatron53d ago

I was so into this game hen I was a kid. They need to remake descent! That was great

staticall52d ago

This looks the same as DOSBox version available on GOG. Don't get me wrong, i like this game. But this is barely an improvement. Right now, this game costs $2.76 on GOG, i'm more than sure that it will cost a lot more once released, because it'll be «New & Improved».

Like, their HUD, for some reason, duplicate the current weapon - one is shown on the left ("Wepn"), other on the right ("Weapon") - why? HUD just cuts off on the sides, like they weren't bothered to fully draw this. No upgrades to graphics (at least add antialiasing or something, looks so pixelated), no changing the pixelated fonts, no re-rendered movies, not a word about higher quality audio, nothing. Expect for widescreen, that's good. But looks like it's the only good thing. And it will be releasing on modern consoles...

This game deserves so much better, in my opinion.