Forspoken | Fortress of Solitude Review - Early Contender For Worst Game of 2023

It's tough to recommend Forspoken as a brand-new purchase. The game has a lot of good ideas, but the execution is sorely lacking. Wait until it hits PS Plus or is discounted.

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Orchard52d ago

Fortunately for Square, TGA doesn’t have an award for that :p

Christopher51d ago

If a game that scores in the 60s on Metacritic is the worst game of 2023, that's a pretty amazing year.

porkChop51d ago

I was just thinking the same thing. Yeah the game ain't that great, yeah the dialogue is pretty cringe, but the game works and plays fine. It's no Ride to Hell or Big Rigs.

Orchard51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Yeah, there will definitely be shovelware worse than this.

I guess what they actually meant was more like “biggest flop of the year” since this was hyped, from a well known developer and was expected to be better - no one is expecting those shovelware games to be good.

@porkChop Lol, I’d forgotten about Ride to Hell. My god.

Christopher51d ago

Sorry, you folk already forgot about Family aka Fast & Furious Crossroads?

sammarshall10252d ago

The gaming media really did a good job of tearing this game apart and the demo with no story and bad tutorials didn't help

It's too bad because the game is good

Nyxus52d ago

Still going to get it after a price drop.

sammarshall10252d ago

I had no intentions on getting this game after the demo then I heard it's actually good, I bought it and have been playing ever since

GoodGuy0952d ago

Agreed I'll get it at like $10 or on gamepass lol.

Tex424252d ago

I agree. I'm 16 hours in and I'm having a great time. The worst thing to me seems to be the dialog, but it's really not as bad as what people are saying. It's a VIDEO GAME, not a movie. The thing I hate is you see reviews (which are fine of course) but then influencers say DONT BUY THIS GAME!! Unfortunately too many people listen to this kind of stuff. I've always made up my own mind, and I don't remember the last time I bought a game that I thought was flat out horrible. I liked Callisto Protocol, Valkyrie Elysium and Gotham Knights. Sure not everyone has the same tastes or opinions, but I just think too many people are influenced by outside sources. Another thing the past few years is that if a game reviews lower than an 8 people think it's automatically garbage. Ok, enough. Just my opinions. Now.....back to Forspoken and Deadspace.

Elda52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I agree. When I first see gameplay about any game & it captures my interest..I know I want to play that game & Forspoken is one of those games out of many that did that. I pay the negative comments no mind. I'm 14 hrs in & that's because I'm really enjoying the game. I also bought & played Calisto Protocol,Valkyrie Elysium & Gotham Knights & enjoyed them all right up until the very end of the game.

sammarshall10251d ago

That's a good lineup of games, I'm buying Gotham Knights next as I believe it didn't deserve the hate either. Callisto Protocol is one of my favorites of 2022

Lightning7751d ago (Edited 51d ago )

but then influencers say DONT BUY THIS GAME!! Unfortunately too many people listen to this kind of stuff."

There's been a war between YT influencers and main stream publications like IGN I for well over 10 years now ever since the boom of YT popularity in 09 2010. Angry Joe has had many run ins with IGN through out the beginning of his YT start up and has had many run ins since. Influencers has such a tremendous impact on the industry to the point they're taking over the jobs of places like IGN. In the past 3 years there's been massive lay offs across all main stream outlets and many going to YT looking for jobs now. YT is winning the war against mainstream by a long shot right now.

Anyway to your point. YT influencers have a stronger impact on a game's reception than ever before. All the influencer has to say buy it, or don't buy it. Watch it spread like wild fire. Because then there friends will tell there friends etc. The reason for this is because places like IGN had some questionable reviews and the major controversy in Filip Mucin in plagiarism. in which they got rid of him faster than lightning because people already don't trust main stream media as is. Forspoken is a prime example of a game where the game simply couldn't do anything right in fact it was doomed the moment they showed it off. While places like IGN or mainstream outlets were being fair towards the games early showings YT was already starting the trash campaign. There Legion of followers were ready to hate the game all the way up to its release no matter what.

Influencers can do no wrong in the fans eyes so this game was doomed.

Read trusted reviews and follow influencers who you are trusted ppl, don't be a blind shill follower on YT and think for yourself. In fact even influencers can get paid off by publishers to say good things about their game. Devs aren't always innocent either. Be care and think for yourself is what I say.

EvertonFC51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

"but then influencers say DONT BUY THIS GAME!! Unfortunately too many people listen to this kind of stuff"

Exactly, well said. I can't stand gaming YouTube influencers/celebrity wannabes anymore.
I don't bother with them with all there patreon BS.
It a game doesn't run at 60fps it gets shite on these days so it's gonna be very interesting what the gaming media say about "starfield" when it only runs at 30fps on console.
I bet they give starfield @30fps a free pass ?

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specialguest51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

The game is not good. Quit trying to defend it. When you have sites like IGN and Gamespot who are known to go easy on certain game reviews can't even defend and say it's not a good game, that's when you know it's really not a good game

EvertonFC51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

IGN and GameSpot, thx for the laugh 🤣😂
It's the dialogue gamers and every review don't like, the games not too bad itself.
🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑

Elda51d ago

If you don't own the game including spent time playing it then your comment is irrelevant. The game is fun.

KillBill51d ago

@Elda ~ so the 3.6 users score is not actually people that played the game?

sammarshall10251d ago

Or like Days Gone, this game has been judged too harshly

The game is good

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MrNinosan51d ago

The game is great even.
I have lots of fun with it and my only issue is the "standing still while waiting for a tutorial".
For me, Story is good, gameplay and combat is amazing, graphics are beautiful and it runs smoothly, way better than I thought after reading the reviews.

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Elda52d ago

14 hrs in so far from playing all night. I'm enjoying the game immensely.

Traecy52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Why you're getting downvoted for enjoying a videogame is ridiculous. I guess I'll be getting downvoted because I'm enjoying the game too.

sammarshall10251d ago

People legitimately hate that others enjoy this game.

itsmebryan51d ago

You should see all the down votes on the "Hi-fi rush" articles. That game has outstanding reviews and people just want to hate. If you like it that is all that matters.

sammarshall10251d ago

Same I just beat the 1st Tanta and got her powers now 😍

Star5151d ago

same here. been having fun...which is the point of gaming. the dialogue portions I skip.

AirRevenant51d ago

People that actually play the game are the only ones that have an opportunity to realize what a gem this game is. Perfection? No. But so fun to be an elementalist red mage ninja!

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