WWE Star Zelina Vega Comes To Street Fighter 6

Looks like great news for WWE fans. Thea Trinidad, also known as WWE Superstar Zelina Vega, has climbed to the top rope and somersaulted directly into Street Fighter™ 6 as the newest addition to the in-game commentator roster. Thea, a longtime Street Fighter™ fan, brings her strength, style, and electrifying personality to the growing roster.

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CrimsonWing6950d ago

I’m not big into the commentary feature but I think the option is cool for people who are, but listen, can we all agree this game is shaping up to look like the best Street Fighter of all time?

Garethvk50d ago

I think it has been a bit under the radar for some. I have heard from people who say they are big fans of the series but this is not getting them hyped. I said wait until convention season and when more news comes out as I am sure they are going to ramp up the promotion.

jznrpg50d ago

The group of fighter fans I know are really hyped for it from what they have seen . I don’t think the commentary will matter to them but the more complex set of moves do. That’s the major gripe of SF5 , clunky and simpler move sets .

CrimsonWing6950d ago

I can get that, I guess. The last Street Fighter I really got into was 4 back on the 360. When 5 released I just heard it was bare bones and passed. This, however, looks absolutely excellent to me! Though, I’m not a hardcore fighter gamer, so I don’t have my finger on the pulse for Street Fighter fans.

delano198450d ago

Ofcourse some people have some complaints, but overall the community is hyped as can be.

Garethvk50d ago

I am sure it will do fine as any SF fans who might be on the fence will be right on the hype train and ready to play when it is closer to release.

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Dirty_Lemons50d ago

With respect, nothing surpasses what Street Fighter II Turbo was and still is: unrivaled.

Garethvk50d ago

Exactly. That is the pinnacle of the franchise for many.

CrimsonWing6950d ago

Haha, I hear ya. But I haven’t been this excited for Street Fighter in quite some time. It really looks like they’re trying to stuff this to the brim with content.

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Relientk7750d ago

It was cool that Zelina Vega cosplayed as Juri, last night during the Royal Rumble.

Garethvk50d ago

I like it when they put people who actually have an interest in games doing them versus cramming a name in and pretending they are a gamer and know what it is all about.

AzubuFrost50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Reminds me when Emily Ratajkowski partook in one of the trailers for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. If you watch the interview you can tell she has never played a CoD game in her life.

Garethvk50d ago

COD frequently used celebrities in commercials like Peter Stormayer as the replacement to fill in for they could play.

babadivad48d ago

Emily is a legit airhead.

Garethvk50d ago

That is a very good question.

Garethvk50d ago

Last time I wanted sound off was High on Life. That gun was so annoying to me.

mastershredder50d ago

Cross over BS needs to go. WWE has zero to do with SF. Don’t give a f they are a fan of the series. Nice WWE M’lady cha-ching cash-in opportunity there guys. Just as sad as Farcry 6’s Stranger Things steaming pile of marketing.

Garethvk50d ago

Its all about expanding the market. There are WWE fans who will get the game now just because of her who would otherwise not be your typical buyers for the game.

gangsta_red50d ago

I definitely have some comments for Zelina Vega

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