OXM Preview: Street Fighter IV

OXM: "Street Fighter isn't about plot. It isn't about stealth sections, sniper rifles, five-hour cutscenes or any of that nonsense. You know this. We know this. Everyone who has ever played a game in their life and knows you're supposed to press Start at the title screen knows this.

So rather than go through the polite technicalities of a Street Fighter IV preview - hey, it's still two people hitting each other! - it made more sense to just play it in two-player all day and observe the results."

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N4PS3G4201d ago

They reviewed the a 9.5

TheColbertinator4201d ago

Great score.I look forward to SF4.

shadowghost7524201d ago

"five-hour cutscenes "

are they taking a sly shot at mgs4 with that statement?

solideagle14201d ago

because they are a 360 only they should not be playing MGS4. :)

devilhunterx4201d ago

Street Fighter isn't about plot. And neither is Gears of War.