Xbox Desperately Needs More Exclusives Like Hi-Fi Rush

Amidst all the irrelevance and uncertainty, sometimes a gem like Hi-Fi Rush comes along to surprise us. This isn’t the game you’d expect to see on Xbox, feeling more like a forgotten classic for Dreamcast your weird friend who loves anime won’t shut up about. From the outset it establishes itself as bold, charming, rebellious, and bearing hallmarks we have come to never associate with Xbox as a brand. It’s a cool little thing, and we love to see it.

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sammarshall10257d ago

I disagree. Xbox has a few smaller AA games like Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Grounded

Xbox needs some big markee AAA games to drop like ASAP

Jin_Sakai57d ago

Grounded and Hi-Fi Rush are some of my favorite games this gen.

Concertoine54d ago

Grounded is one of the most underrated games I've played. It has everything it needs to be more popular, but no one has given it a shot. I think like many I saw it was an early access game and waited for a release and forgot about it. Now that it's complete, it's great. I think Hi-Fi Rush is as much a lesson in game development as it is in marketing. The surprise release did wonders. The internet had no time to inflict negativity upon the game years prior to release.

crazyCoconuts56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

In terms of exclusives, I feel like no amount of games like Hi-fi rush (or even mediocre AAA games) can match a single AAA masterpiece like God of War. I'm playing Ragnarok now, and it's just so compelling and amazing, it's a reminder why I love gaming. For the lucky few that have both consoles or a PS and PC, I'm glad you can enjoy all the goodness. But for Xbox only gamers, the catalog of missed gems on Playstation is growing rapidly across the generations, I feel bad that they haven't been able to experience some of the truly best gaming experiences ever.
Maybe MS did the calculus there and determined it would be easier to buy up the market and lock Playstation out of future titles than to capture lightning in a bottle and grow another Naughty Dog or Santa Monica studios, etc.

Oh, and I don't mean to detract from hi-fi rush. Awesome game from the looks of it.

The3faces56d ago

Have you ever considered that maybe Sony first party games don't appeal to everyone? Last gen I bought a PS4 and a PS4 Pro. The only Sony exclusives I bought were God of War and Uncharted. The rest while I'm sure were great games just didn't appeal to me.

crazyCoconuts56d ago

Sure. I mean, as an analogy,Avatar, Top Gun, Batman... These movies don't appeal to EVERYONE of course.
But they appeal to a lot of people and for many they represent why we go to movies on the first place. Like how many Fast and Furious sequels would you trade for The Matrix?

Panhandler56d ago

God of War was 22 hours long with 10 hours of cut scenes. One hour straight of just walking!

crazyCoconuts56d ago

@panhandler you might enjoy it more of you play it instead of watching someone else do it on YouTube

MrChow66656d ago

I couldn't finish ragnarok out of boredom...go on downvote all you want, they emasculated Kratos & too many frustratingly boring and cringe worthy segments.

RedDevils56d ago

That's why you should stay on Xbox and play those shitty games there.

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Flewid63856d ago

Word. Gimme more titles like Quantum Break & Ryse. Sadly the Xbox community only likes their games in first-person.

sammarshall10256d ago

I loved Ryse and Quantum Break. The Xbox community loves 3rd person games too, some just act like they dont

GotGame81856d ago

Redfall, Forza, Starfield, are all slated for "Spring 2023". Strange no Forza release date though. Same for Starfield.

Forza will be great, but I will wait and see , when it comes to Redfall and Starfield.
I am being cautiously optimistic. Redfall has a strange art style, and Starfield being so big? Bigger doesn't always mean better in a game.

If they release those, and all 3 end up being great, that would be great!

giovonni56d ago

Pentiment caught me off guard the most. At first it dragged, but I’m happy I gave it time.

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Elda57d ago

They have enough Indie/AA games on GP. AAA exclusives are a must.

Cockney57d ago

More rhythm games, yeah just what they need to tilt the balance, it would definitely help halo

itsmebryan56d ago

Have you played it? It's not a rhythm game is the classic meaning. I normally don't care for those games. But, this one is a lot of fun just look at the reviews Rhythm just gives you a boost. If you have no rhythm you can still enjoy the game.

Obelisk9256d ago

I know right? Rhythm games are such a waste of time... there are no guns, no explosions... ridiculous...

Flawlessmic57d ago

Brilliant game loving it!! Best thing iv played since forza 5 on my xbox.

In saying that it's time I finally got to enjoy some AAA bangers on xbox.

Lightning7756d ago

Redfall May 2. You can Pre-install while you wait for release.

My pessimism is still kinda there. I can see MS delaying the game for some stupid reason. If I'm being perfectly honest.... That's kinda what I think will happen. There's no rumors on it or anything like that just my own personal thought. The only thing I heard is the game could launch rough, that's it.

How many times do you gotta get burned by MS at this point you know.

Flawlessmic56d ago

I'll defs be playing redfall when it releases but cant say I'm to excited for it, hoping it's another pleasant suprise like hi fi rush and I end up loving it.

The ones I want are starfield and forza which both look like there being delayed which has pissed me off for the sheer fact it's more broken promises from MS about delivering when they said they would. But let's see they arrive first half as promised.

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