Final Fantasy Origin Could Get A Sequel If Fans Want It Enough

Tetsuya Nomura has said that a sequel to Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is possible, but only if the reception improves.

shinoff2183131d ago

F no. I was pretty excited to try this until I actually did.

Flewid638130d ago

Anything FF related is usually piss-poor in the story/acting department but the combat here is still stellar.

shinoff2183130d ago

I always thought until ff13 that ff did pretty good in the story department. I don't exactly remember the older ones before 5 I played the first ones so young.

pietro21130d ago

Yeah, that's not remotely true. Most of the FF games had good stories especially if we're talking about that amazing translation of FF Tactics by Yasuma Matsuno and translated by Alexander O'Neal. Probably one of gaming's best narratives

FinalFantasyFanatic130d ago

If we're talking the golden age of FF6 to FFX... Those games have outstanding story and characters, it's anything after FFX that is dubious.

CrimsonWing69130d ago

I think my only issue with it is I have no clue how to play the post game and DLC. I managed just fine with the game, but I can’t survive anything now and it’s maybe the most un-fun game I’ve played due to that.

Orpheo130d ago

Ditto. I pre-ordered the deluxe edition. After beating it, I'd say the one cool thing about this game is seeing some locations from FFI in full 3D graphics. Everything else was bad. I didn't even play the DLC when it came out, despite owning it via the deluxe version, and I have no intention to.

Lightning Mr Bubbles130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Please don't. This game is terrible.

Godmars290130d ago

Cause Mega man Legends 3 proves that if gamers ask for something, beg for something, it will be given to them.

They wont be blamed by for asking for by it by the studio who asked them... CAPCOM!!!

BrainSyphoned130d ago

So toss it on Kickstarter and be prepared to move on.

Lexreborn2130d ago

Had a lot of fun playing this with my bud last year. All they have to do is improve the format, graphics and they got a winner with me. Give it the nioh 2 level upgrade and it will be amazing

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