Hi-Fi Rush from Tango Gameworks runs great on Steam Deck

This new, and unexpected rhythm action game from Tango Gameworks shines bright on Valve's handheld.

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masterfox59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

lol of course it does 😅, this game should be released for the Switch as well, it would handle it very easy imo, also why the character is like is moving in slo mo?, should it be more fluid is kinda annoying to look at, a miss oportunity imo, a fluid movement like other cartoonish games like Okami but impressive nonetheless would it be nicer .

Fishy Fingers58d ago

The animations sync up with the music BPM, its intentional, its entirely the point.

But come on bro, we all know what you're doing.

masterfox58d ago

I actually thought of that too that is fallowing the rhytm but still is just tad bit too slow for me, also will definitely will buy it for me PC is not that expensive on Steam, and lastly I respect your opinion, I wished more users were able to do that, but oh well thats the internet lol.

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