Goldeneye’s lack of Xbox multiplayer is a missed chance to bond

Goldeneye 007 defined local multiplayer back on the N64, but times have changed since the Nintendo glory days. James Bond's Xbox outing deserves online modes.

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darthv7259d ago

..its free to anyone who already has rare replay.

ZwVw59d ago

It's not for separate purchase anyway. It can only be downloaded through Rare Replay. It was part of the stipulation Nintendo made in relation to it being re-released at all.

MrChow66659d ago

the lack of multiplayer is baffling...

Wikkid66659d ago

I think that Nintendo still has some "rights" to the game. So I'm guessing that it ended being part of the bargaining.

wiz719159d ago

@Wilkid that’s exactly what it is , the switch has the online multiplayer. Which sucks but I’ll take the game anyway ,

ZwVw59d ago

The Switch is using Nintendo's bc tech which is literally playing the N64 version via system link.

Think of it like how the original Xbox (Xbox Connect) enabled people to set up LAN parties to play Halo 1 multiplayer online.

darthv7259d ago has multiplayer. Classic 4 person couch multiplayer, like the good old days.

FPS_D3TH59d ago

Except this isn’t 1998 anymore and my 9 year old friend has grown up, bought a house, has a family and lives 2 hours away. Missed opportunity

darthv7259d ago (Edited 59d ago )

^^I get that but we have had years of online to the point where people just miss that close bonding they grew up with. So if your friend ever wants to come over, why not play some goldeneye to reminisce?

FPS_D3TH58d ago

Because I wouldn’t buy goldeneye for the very one off chance he ever does make it down here. We keep in contact thru gaming but it’s silly to remake a game in 2023 and not allow some form of peer to peer connection. The split screen can be the bonus.

DivoJones58d ago

Yeah it's not really up to Microsoft.. Nintendo Switch online is capable of emulating local multiplayer, while Xbox live isn't. That's why some N64 games can play online multiplayer despite never having internet capability on the console itself. That magic isn't possible on the Xbox Live network which is why it's local multi only. Definitely wish it had online multiplayer, and I'm sure Microsoft does too.

Deathdeliverer58d ago


I hope you’re kidding. There is NOTHING Nintendo online can do that Microsoft online can’t. This is the result of some deal that we aren’t privy to the information. If the online will be added late or something is one thing but even then, it will have fizzed out by then. This is simply a missed opportunity.

-Foxtrot59d ago

Only thing that makes sense in my head is they have a better HD remaster coming out and it will have online

NoFanBoy58d ago

I don't this so. I'm guess part of the deal with Nintendo to allow this on Xbox was them not outshining the Switch with the updated version of the XBLA leak.

AnotherGamer59d ago

Doesn't make sense why they didn't put online multiplayer in the xbox version.

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The story is too old to be commented.