Hi-Fi Rush Could Signal A Turning Point For Xbox

On its own, Hi-Fi Rush is an incredibly enjoyable brawler, but it could also signal a great year ahead for Xbox.

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crazyCoconuts62d ago

I hope so. It's a good start...

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Reddrover21u62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I mean, last year for Xbox was bare bones nothing in the exclusive games department. Releasing anything would be a turning point when your previous record is zero.

onisama62d ago

high on life
as dask fall
are exlusives tho

darthv7262d ago

while true... you know those arent the kind of "exclusives" Redd is talking about. He (and others) want huge AAA budget titles like Ms promised for GP.

Traecy61d ago

Nope. AAA first party exclusives.

Petebloodyonion61d ago

I agree that Xbox missed the target last year with big-hyped promised games but my question is what is considered a AAA game?
Because what's considered often indies game pass filler for Xbox often turns to triple AAA glory when publish by others
Case in points
Ori and the will of Wisp vs Metroid Dread on Switch
Hi-Fi rush vs No more heroes
Grounded vs Returnal (ok not the same type but same size game and budget).

Like I said I have yet to understand how come, Everybody, Calls Ori a little project but Metroid AAA games when both games are 2d metroidvania games of similar length.

darthv7261d ago

@Pete, studio size perhaps? Moon studios and Mercurysteam are nowhere near the size as other studios so they are looked upon as lower budget indie developers who have their projects published by big names.

That is just my guess.

onisama61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@darthv72 so its not about games its about AAA ...or studio size i dont care as long as i get good games and GP feed me with load of games
high on life is AAA game for me it was a new experience which something rare to see those days..and hi fi rush is also added a new fresh of air

Lightning7761d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Just like what Darth said ppl want those AAA blockbusters. Something I definitely want myself more than anything.

As I said MS has no issues releasing compelling AA games. It's good for different and Creative front. I'll even say MS is the best at out putting AA content. However with all the money and resources MS have we should expect big AAA on the regular.

Redfall will be the first AAA to release since Halo Infinite back in December. That would mean MS went almost a year in a half with out a AAA drop.

That's... That's not good. Hopefully this year MS can finally, FINALLY turn things around.

tay870161d ago

As far as exclusives that's a really sad list. Almost all those are mid. The real key to see if MS has their ducks in a row are starfield and redfall. MS willl have made great strides if they turn out well. If they flop they won't hear the end of it.

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crazyCoconuts61d ago

Lots of arguing over semantics but you guys probably agree in spirit. It's obviously not ZERO for last year, just a really low number. And @red is saying it could be a turning point, so agreeing with the article. So all agrees! ☺️


It’s a great game and a much needed win for Xbox.

ken281362d ago

Yeeeaaahhhh Riiiighttt!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.