Hogwarts Legacy, Redfall Co-Dev Studio Gobo Is Now A Guerrilla Games Co-Dev On The Horizon Franchise

Studio Gobo joins Guerrilla Games as a co-developer on the Horizon franchise.

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Jin_Sakai51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Interesting. Excited to see the franchise evolve. Burning Shore coming soon then the multiplayer addition.

Flawlessmic51d ago

Hopefully this means theres half of guerilla working on something new or even a killzone reboot.

The extra should mean 2 games going at the same time or games coming out sooner.

Shadowsteal51d ago

I think the other half of Killzone is probably working on another IP.

Sony is already investing in a handful of FPS such as Firewalk's and Deviation's game at the very least.

Demetrius51d ago

That’s dope I hope we get blown away again by horizon cause forbidden west was one of the best sequels ever

Starman6951d ago

I thought it was the biggest let down 👎

Aloymetal51d ago

We'll get blown away soon again with the dlc since the devs are going all out with the PS5, no PS4 version to hold them back this time. HFW while being crossgen still the most impressive game on PS5 but the dlc is gonna look even better. Can't wait!

jznrpg51d ago

I think it’s for the multiplayer game

shinoff218351d ago

I'm not to interested in the multi-player horizon stuff but glad for the people that are. Just hope they don't forget about us single player gamers.

jznrpg51d ago

I don’t have a big interest but who knows maybe it’s good . I only get into a multiplayer game once in a blue moon so this probably won’t be the one but ya never know .

Lighter951d ago

I think it might be worth a look. I'm with you on mp games. I'll definitely check out TLOU MP game as well.

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