Gameshub: Hi-Fi Rush, the surprise Xbox exclusive game, is pure delight

The exuberant attitude of Hi-Fi Rush, along with its excellent rhythm combat make it one of the must-play games in 2023.

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Jin_Sakai505d ago

I was surprised just how good it is. Great art style and fun rhythmic combat. One of the best new IP I’ve played in a long time.

505d ago
blackblades505d ago

Can't wait to play it on steam one day.

Rocosaurus505d ago

Its availabe on Steam right now.

blackblades505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Obviously, I dont have a steam deck yet.

blackblades505d ago

I know yall got s stick up y'all butts if I get disgreed like that just for saying I cant wait to play it on steam whenever I can.

XiNatsuDragnel505d ago

Best xbox game in a long time imo. I hope Microsoft allows these more get them creative juices flowing

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Tango Gameworks employee shares pictures from the Xbox studio's final day

The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush studio has closed its doors.

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Einhander19721d 3h ago

This shouldn't have happened.

Who's next..

JEECE1d 3h ago

Ninja Theory, most likely.

tay87011d 1h ago

Ninja theory. Others will follow as well. The smaller studios MS owns should all be worried. Maybe MS will try and release some of their games day and date on ps5 to save some of these studios.

jznrpg21h ago

I can see Ninja Theory. At least Tango made a game that was reviewed well. Ninja Theory spent a lot of years to release a tech demo that didn’t do well at all.

repsahj18h ago

I get it that Hellblade 2 is a boring game, but I hope they are not the next to be closed.

ABizzel18h ago


Ninja Theory is likely on the chopping block too. They released Bleeding Edge which bombed, took 4 years to release Hellbalde 2 which doesn’t seem to be doing well, and still have Project Mara in limbo. They’re high on the chopping block.

MS was likely expecting their God of War / Uncharted quality game from NT based on Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, DmC, and to an extent Hellblade 1, but NT hasn’t delivered since Hellblade 1 which was 7 years ago.

Sonic18816h ago

And Obsidian after Avowed releases

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Petebloodyonion1d 3h ago

I rarely agree with you but on this I do!


3 trillion MS is worth, yet they do this, well Phil the shit bag did. No studio needed to be let go, when you are worth this much.

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anast1d 2h ago

Sad, but I see characters and posters of either less than average or barely average games.

LoveSpuds1d 1h ago

Have to disagree here duder, with respect. Evil Within was a good game and the sequel was fantastic, as was HiFi Rush. I'd concede Ghostwire was pretty average but regardless, shuttering a studio which just put out MS best game in donkeys years was complete shithousery on XBox' part.

Einhander19721d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

Microsoft paid 8B to buy Zenimax then fired well over 1000 people from Zenimax between the time they closed the deal and they announced these shut downs.

People talk about the 1900 they fired most recently, but that was only one wave of three sets of layoffs from their gaming division so far this generation totalling around 5000 people this generation. Not counting the dozen plus studios they canned last gen including Lionhead the original Fable developers.

anast23h ago

By every real metric HiFi was an average game. I don't see an Evil within poster in the thumb, which is a shame, because if they threw their weight behind that IP, they might have still been around.

LoveSpuds22h ago

I don't understand how you can say it was average in every metric when it garnered the reviews it did?

romulus2321h ago

Hi-FI Rush sits at an 87 on Meta with an 8.8 User Score. By every real metric that matters it's better than average and it's definitely a game made by a studio that should not have been shut down.

Fonsecap1d 1h ago

Working people paying the price for leadership bad decisions, so unfair...