Final Fantasy XVI Might Have Chosen Its Release Date Poorly

Fellow RPG Diablo 4 has its release date just two weeks before Final Fantasy XVI, and the close window could spell trouble for Square Enix.

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masterfox53d ago

implying that Diablo 4 will affect a new Final Fantasy game sales that also is PS5 exclusive and could be the best of the series? hmmm

porkChop53d ago

Diablo is a hugely popular RPG franchise that hasn't had a new release in 11 years. You don't think that will have any affect on FFXVI at all?

Snookies1253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Blizzard can go screw itself, they don't deserve support. (Diablo 4 was one of my most anticipated games as well, a few years back.) I'm putting my money toward FFXVI, a game that actually has a team that cares about the franchise. It may have a slight affect on sales for FFXVI. But they're very different games. Despite sharing the "RPG" genre.

porkChop53d ago

I don't disagree that Blizzard has been super shitty in recent years. But I don't think that will stop D4 from being a major launch. I mean for all the controversy around Diablo Immortal that game was still huge at release.

tay870152d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Nope don't think it will hurt it much. I actually think it will sell quite a few more copies than Diablo. It's only releasing on the ps5 and I think it will comfortably outsell Diablo 4 and that is multiplatform.

Michiel198952d ago

@snookies I'm pretty sure the dev team cares a lot about the game, you can see it from their dev vlogs/blogs. It's the higherups that do everythin in their power to squeeze money out of it.

Michiel198952d ago (Edited 52d ago )

@tay I think you severely underestimate how large the diablo fanbase is. It already outsold everything before 3 times (4 if you count immortal in terms of revenue), no matter how poorly blizzard management is doing, diablo 4 will easily outsell ff16.
ff 15 lifetime sales: 10mil
diablo 3 sales as of august 2015: 30 mil

tay870152d ago (Edited 52d ago )

@michiel. For some reason I thought diablo 3 sold about 10 million. Yes the 30 million is very impressive. I highly doubt 4 will sell like that though. Xbox users largely do not not many games anymore because of gamepass. It obviously will do well on PC, but I'd bet far more people
would choose FF16 over it on ps5. So I don't think its going to effect sales much at all. FF16 isn't releasing anytime soon on PC so it's not like it will suffer loss of games sales to diablo on PC either . I think the biggest sellers coming up for ps5 will be hogwarts, FF 16 and Spiderman 2.

CrimsonWing6951d ago

I don’t think it will. Most people can afford to get 2 games in a month and if not they can choose to buy one or the other another time. It’s not like people can just get one title.

savedsynner51d ago

Agree 100%. These two games have a huge overlap in audience. Wouldn't be the worst idea to delay it a month.

Michiel198951d ago

@tay I don't think they will be impacted much for either side, it's 2 completely different genres, however I do not get the argument that you will not lose pc sales cause of diablo. FF doesn't release on pc, so they won't get any sales from that group until it comes out on pc and mean while daiblo will be sold on all consoles and D4 also looks like a way less diving entry in the franchise compared to D3.

I think D4 will smash D3 numbers in terms of sales. It looks great, they seem to be listening to feedback from the community and making it more like D2. while im way more hyped for FF16 I just can't see it outselling D4 when being ps5 exclusive.

tay870151d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@michiel. No I meant that FF16 will not lose any sales due to diablo on PC, because its not releasing on PC anytime soon. they won't be competing for sales. The only platform it has to compete with diablo is ps5 and I am very confident it I'll easily outsell it on ps5.

sammarshall10251d ago

I know which one I'm buying and it ain't Diablo

SDuck51d ago

Diablo has a currently unpopular company and (even though I have some curiosity to try it out), some people like me don't like isometric games too much. FF is the more popular franchise and it's on a high note after FF7 comeback.

Michiel198951d ago

@tay I have no doubt it will outsell diablo if we are only talking ps5. I didn't get that was what you meant. I agree with this statement of yours.

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shinoff218353d ago

I don't think it will affect sales of final fantasy much at all. There different rpgs. Some aren't even into Diablo. Me I've never played one. Not that i dont like them. I just haven't.

Far as final fantasy 16 I also don't think it could be the best in the series. That ship sailed long ago. I think the new ffs have had some split on the fan base by going full on hack n slash. Personally ill try it when it hits 20ish dollars but I won't be buying it day one or anything like that. Dq11 blew me away and that right now is my fav square Enix rpg for the time being.

Seraphim51d ago

that's just it, they're two different RPGs. Some will pick up one, some the other while some will pick up both & many will choose neither. Are there going to be some gamers who have to choose between the two? Certainly, but those same people are likely to, at some point, have bought both games.

At the end of the day both these games are going to sell incredibly well when looking at lifetime sales.

Orchard51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I wouldn't underestimate the Diablo franchise.

D3, with all its always online & server drama, still became the fastest selling PC game, selling 3.5m in 24 hours. It also hit 30m in 3 years.

FF sells quick, but not that quick. D4 could very much lure players away from it, especially if someone doesn't have cash for both.

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if D4 gets another delay.

lodossrage53d ago

Yeah, I don't see Diablo having some negative sales effect on a mainline Final Fantasy game. But a site has to get those clicks/views after all so....

GoodGuy0953d ago

Hmm I wonder. i know I'll get ff16 for sure as I'm not a diablo fan. But Diablo is indeed a very popular rpg franchise.

enkiduxiv52d ago

It still blows my mind that people like Diablo at all at this point. Diablo Immortal did make tons of money though despite all the bad press.

Knightofelemia52d ago

After FF15 I think I will grab FF16 when it kicks around the $20 like I did with KH3.

Shadowsteal51d ago

No one is gonna stop you but you should know a few things...

FF15 wasn't amazing because it was developed by a B team, same team developed Forspoken and we're all seeing what happened with that.

KH3 was also a B team, the team that made Kingdom Hearts 3D.

These changes had to be done because they wanted Tetsuya Nomura on FF7 Remake which turned out fantastic.

FF16 is directed by Naoki Yoshida who led the charge to turn around FF14 online after it initially flopped.

Needless to say FF16 will be a treat for sure.

Sirk7x51d ago

The team that is working on FF16 is compromised of absolute all-stars. The game is going to be amazing. There are veterans from some of the greatest FF and Square games at the helm, and the combat was designed from the guy who planned Marvel vs Capcom 2.

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