Redemption Reapers Hands-On Preview: Tactical Medieval Warfare - IGN

Imagine Fire Emblem went through kind of a moody, emo phase and started reading a lot of dark fantasy novels and you'll have some idea what to expect from Redemption Reapers. This turn-based tactical RPG, from the developers of the excellent and unsung side-scrolling 2021 Soulslike Ender Lilies, puts you in command of the moody Ashen Hawk Brigade. Your task is to fight back against the Mort, an army of mysterious and murderous humanoid fiends who seem to care for nothing but the constant slaughter of innocent people. So, you know, you should probably do something about that.

shinoff2183123d ago

This actually looks pretty dope.

phoenixwing123d ago

The more tactics games the merrier

shinoff2183123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


I've been dying waiting for another xcom. I was hoping they would release the newest one chimera squad on consoles.