PlayStation 5 Lead Architect Mark Cerny Talks Sega, Michael Jackson And Yuji Naka

Mark Cerny is a true veteran of the games industry. His name might be familiar to modern gamers due to the fact that he's worked as lead architect on several of Sony's consoles – and has even had input into some of the company's major software releases, such as Knack, The Last Guardian, Marvel's Spider-Man and Death Stranding – but his career stretches back to the very early years of the games industry.

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deleted60d ago

Lol, love this image...


Look at the balls on Cerny! He really does though. One of the greatest minds in the industry and knows how to get things done!

Aloymetal60d ago

I bet he's already working on the PS6, safe bet.

oIMyersIo59d ago

I can’t recall which leaker it was but there was a rumour floating about that we may not see a mid-gen refresh (PS5 Pro) and they’re focusing on PS6 development.

Could listen to Cerny talk for hours. Incredibly intelligent individual.

deleted59d ago

he really has a knack for being ahead of the curve!

UltimateRacer59d ago

@olMyerslo Tom Henderson is the insider who stated PS6 is being worked on over a PS5 Pro.

darkrider60d ago

The career of Cerny is really impressive.

purple10160d ago

Is this available in video format? It's a damn long interview to read.. but I will, if no video

Aloymetal59d ago

I haven't checked yet but try YT, maybe they do have it there.

Phoenix7659d ago

Could try using a "text to voice" app. Just copy and paste from the article then sit back and listen. I do that sometimes if don't want to read and am tired.

purple10158d ago

Thanks that's so nice of you but I don't need it that much! Il just read it. Just if there was himself on video I'd like that version. But have a great day my friend.x

Retroman59d ago

Wish Mark Cerny Develope Knack 3 Knack was a Fantastic game.

darkrider59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I didn't like it very much, but cerny is truly a triple A Men. The ps4 and the ps5 are amazing consoles. What will he try with to achieve with the ps6!

Starman6959d ago

PS4 was good for it's time and for the price. It felt outdated after 2 years. Ps5 on the other hand... Future proof. Excellent 😊👌.

SullysCigar59d ago

I never played the first game, but the second one was great

curtain_swoosh59d ago

i love his breakdowns of the consoles, he explains things very well with that soothing voice ha

Bathyj59d ago

I watched that ps5 reveal about 5 times. A lot of people complainwd about it when it came out for being too clinical and developer centric but I thought it was very informative. I guess they just wanted some flashy CGI trailers of games that won't come out for 4 years.

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