A very unhappy Christmas for Haze developer

Hexus reports on the sad news that Free Radical Design, the Nottingham-based developer of the Timesplitters series and the PS3 first-person shooter Haze, is facing an uncertain future after it went into administration over the Christmas period.

A sequel to Haze was widely predicted from the company, who also had a fourth installment of the Timesplitters series in development. All company projects has now been put on hold as the developer seeks a buyer in the New Year.

The company is now operating with just 40 employees with over 75% of its workforce given their marching orders. Free Radical Design's administration company, Resolve Partners, is calling for investors to come forward.

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Bob Dole4592d ago

Too bad, the first Timesplitters was the first game Bob Dole got for his PS2. Good times.

RememberThe3574592d ago

I couldn't tell you how many weekends were lost to that game.

Timespliter was the first game I ever saw on a PS2. Oh the memories...

Dark_Overlord4592d ago

Brought it the same day as my PS2, spent too many hours on the game. They could probably redo the graphics to next gen and it would still sell amazingly

DaTruth4592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

This is what happens to good developers when fanboys and fanmagazines unduly $h!t all over a game.
Obviously it wasn't the best game but, it didn't deserve all that. Just like Lair, 1080p with 1000 enemies on the screen, it was a technical masterpiece and instead of pointing out the good in the game and the detractors(controls,targeting) , they just did a drive-by egging.

GlibGamer4591d ago

If a game has poor controls and is a hassle to play, it's not a good game. If it looks good but plays like warmed over crap, it should be left as a tech demo. As much as I wanted to like Haze and Lair, I just couldn't get into them because playing them was a chore.

DaTruth4591d ago

Exactly my point; You don't like them and you feel playing them is kind of a chore, that opinion is very reasonable. But, the visceral anger that these fanmagazines ripped into these games with was just plain uncalled for and fanboyish; There were many games worse than these. A review of Lair should mention that if you're a graphics whore, this is your game. And just for the record, I never bought Haze and I never finished Lair(it was kind of a chore to play).

GlibGamer4591d ago

A very reasonable and well thought out position. Agreed.

antt34591d ago

Just letting you know: Bubbles for GlibGamer and Datruth for having an actual exchange of ideas. :-) Nice to see on a gaming forum.

Jazz41084591d ago

You could put a piece of sh!t on the screen and give you a stick to hit it with and if its on the PS3 then fanboys would claim GOTY.

computer4591d ago

Thank goodness they let me play a demo so I wouldn't spend money on Haze. It felt completely boring to play, the graphics were mediocre at best compared to other games, and it just felt like it would've been a waste of money. But.. that's just my opinion. It's still a shame to have people laid off.

JHUX4591d ago

You could put a piece of sh!t on a screen and a stick to hit it with, and as long as it is on the 360 then fanboys would buy it up, then claim it should be GOTY for how many sales it got.

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andron4592d ago

I would hate to see them go down for good....

yoghurt4592d ago

Timesplitters was great, c'mon, somebody buy them, they are talented!

and I know haze got slated, but I liked it, ok it wasn't a 9/10 or anything but it was far better than the 4's it was getting. I for one would be interested in seeing a sequel

GrandTheftZamboni4591d ago (Edited 4591d ago )

I bought Haze for 15 bucks yesterday at EB Games. Even though I played the demo, I was kind of curious how bad it is. I played 1 hour into it and I find it quite fun. It's a shame that media, viral marketing, fanboys or whatever can influence the public to that extent. Who knows maybe the game gets crappy later on... Anyway they seem to know how to program for PS3.

solideagle14592d ago

was the best multiplayer game on the PS2 in my opinion. i have enjoyed it and i think it was the best graphical game in multiplayer wise.

PotNoodle4592d ago

"A sequel to Haze was widely predicted from the company"