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Dead Space is a superb remake and undoubtedly the definitive way to experience one of the best survival horror shooters that Capcom never made.

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Elda61d ago

Nice! Tomorrow I'll be picking up my free copy along with my free copy of Forspoken.

Aloymetal61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I have it downloaded already and in case you were wondering the size for PS5 DS remake is 31.14gb. May increase if they release a day 1 patch tho.

Elda61d ago

Thanks. 31 gb isn't bad. I have a remaining 300gb of space on my PS5.

Hofstaderman61d ago

Believe it or not I’ve never played this game ever. Watched my bro play the opening segment when they dock with the big ship and that’s it. May give this a go as he always raved about dead space 1.

Aloymetal61d ago

''Believe it or not I’ve never played this game ever.''
How dare you! No, but seriously do yourself a favor and play it because you're missing out. It's a great game and DS2 as well. DS franchise is like the Alien and Godfather movies, the 1st one is a classic and the second one is just amazing.

Elda61d ago

Yes. Both copies I'm picking up at Gamestop & I don't have to pay any out of pocket cash. Just months of in store credit from past transactions,trade ins,store credit & coupons for being a Gamestop member.

ps360s61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

You sound alot like a Gamestop marketing guy 😅

"Yes. Both copies I'm picking up at Gamestop & I don't have to pay any out of pocket cash. Just months of in store credit from past transactions,trade ins,store credit & coupons for being a Gamestop member."

Elda61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Not at all. I'm a gamer that spends a lot of money on my favorite hobby. I've been a member at Gamestop for years now & the employees know me & treat me fab. With all the transactions of things that I've bought throughout the years & months my benefits as a member works for me & that's why I'm getting Forspoken & Dead Space tomorrow for free. Folks downvoting my truth must be Become a Gamestop member..spend money like I do instead of waiting months for a price drop & one can reap those rewards as well.

HeliosHex61d ago

@elda. Technically your not getting it free. You traded in a product you bought with cash got less money back for it, and did this enough times to get these games without having to pay again because you already paid for some previous game you got sick of. So in reality you traded the game you originally paid for in an effort to get this one. The money is the same only the product has changed. But in a sense you paid more actually because in order to get these two games you had to have traded in at least four fairly new games which you paid 60 for and got back maybe 30 to 40 dollars. Which means in reality you paid more for these games than everyone else lol.

Elda61d ago

It doesn't matter how I did it. I have so much credit from previous months & months of transactions which I've earned from buying many games,,peripherals,among other things for myself,family & friends. Some are trade-ins as well. I'm always spending money at Gamestop so I earn many points. As a member, I've reaped the rewards & now I will get 2 $70 games for free & with all the credit/points I've earned I will get a few more upcoming new titles for free. One can't do that at any other store that sells video games unless they're doing the same protocol as Gamestop.

Traecy61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

If they don't have to pay for those games out of pocket then it's basically free. I'm a member of Gamestop as well & I've gotten games with coupons,store credit & points too.

HeliosHex61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@elda. No offense but you and Traecy really do sound like gamestop employees. But its good your happy about your coupons and stuff. Enjoy it before gamestop goes the way of the dinosaur completely.

Elda61d ago

Whatever I sound like...I'm getting 2 games for free & more are incoming because of my membership with GameStop & that's something I'm happy about. Gamestop isn't going anywhere no time soon. Happy gaming!!

HeliosHex61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@elda. Lol your energy is strong. Enjoy your "free" games.

Yui_Suzumiya60d ago

You're getting down votes because people are jealous. Can't think of any other reason for it, lol

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RaidenBlack61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Finally, a good non-NFS game from EA in a while ....
keep these single-player coming, EA .... keep 'em coming

Tex424261d ago

Hopefully they didn't project some stupid 50 million sold figures. I hope it renews interest and does enough to make EA remake 2 or just go straight to 4. Either way, I'd love Deadspace to continue.

zaanan61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

“thankfully Isaac is considerably more nimble than he used to be”
“manually steer Isaac through space, as opposed to beaming him in rigid straight lines from surface to surface”

Am I the only one who loved the movement in the original? It really felt like I was in a big heavy space-mining suit, not some fancypants flyboy. The revamped asteroid section sounds good tho, I hated that one.

Xenial61d ago

I agree with you. However, it sounds like it's been updated more closely to the Zero Gravity functions as DS2/DS3 - which were both good as well!

zaanan60d ago

ZeroG in 2 was good and made sense to be improved from 1, since time had passed and he had a new suit. So you lose that sense of time/story progression by retrofitting it into 1.

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