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Hi-Fi Rush is an incredible blend of gorgeous art style, charming characters,
spectacular combat and rock and roll music.

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thesoftware73057d ago

Wow, I have it downloaded, after my MH play, I will try it out.

Overall positive reception for a very pleasant surprise.

Obscure_Observer57d ago

"Overall positive reception for a very pleasant surprise."

Indeed. An awesome new Xbox IP and an instant classic out of nowhere!

Congratulations to Shinji Mikami and his team at TG!

Jin_Sakai57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Game is amazing! Definitely a sleeper hit.

GotGame81857d ago

It's in the top 10 on Steam! Well worth the $29.99! I normally hate this graphic style, but not this game. It's a stunner! I can see why Xbox One didn't get it. 4K 60fps. It would be great to see a 120fps mode on Series X.

Crows9057d ago

I don't think you know the meaning of a sleeper hit. This was just announced

Jin_Sakai57d ago

“I don't think you know the meaning of a sleeper hit. This was just announced”

I should reword that to surprise hit.

darkrider57d ago

Goty contender... How ridiculous can you get only to have clicks....

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Asplundh57d ago

Bit of a streach, but only because it's a smaller game that won't compare to some of these big games coming this year.

Obscure_Observer57d ago

Big games not always translate into good/quality games. Never had, never will. We saw how well a big AAA Open World RPG turn out just a few days ago.

And just because it´s small, doesn´t mean it can´t be a GOTY contender in the indie and more categories.

Asplundh57d ago

"Big games not always translate into good/quality games."

That's true, but I'd be really surprised if Spider-Man 2 and Tears of the Kingdom aren't great, will Hifi stand up compared to those and what ever else that comes out this year? Probably not. Hi-fi Rush isn't going to be talked about as GOTY by the end of this year, I'm just being realistic.

The indie and more categories? Yeah it's got a good shot there.

porkChop57d ago

Why is it ridiculous? People are loving the game. It's fun, original, beautiful and vibrant visuals, great music. Why couldn't it be GOTY? Is that award reserved for AAA in your eyes?

darkrider57d ago

Because goty games set the standard of gaming. And this dude not even got enough time to do proper review, much less give a mark of 10 and slap goty.

He did a review with not even 8 hours of play. I don't even need to say anything else.

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Traecy57d ago

A fun game so far from what I've played but it being game of the year with so many big budget interesting games releasing this year...I highly doubt it. It may possibly go up against some Indie titles for best action game or best Indie.

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repsahj57d ago

C'mon man, jetpack joyride, plants vs zombies, and angry bird are all super fun. But never ever crossed my mind that those kinds of games should be goty. Maybe in indie category.

porkChop57d ago


I wouldn't disagree with you. But those are each more along the lines of mobile games. That's not really comparable to what we're talking about here. Hi-Fi Rush would be more along the lines of a AA game.


Original is not, this is a remix of jet set radio and sunset overdrive so is not original, unlike stray,now that's original first time playing as a cat

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oIMyersIo57d ago

To be fair, the more I play it, the more I enjoy it and when I’ve not been playing it today whilst working, I’ve been looking forward to getting on it.

To be a GOTY contender, you don’t need the big flashy narrative, linear, story driven experiences nor do you need deep rpg elements like Elden Ring.

I wouldn’t say the game is a 10/10 or something I’d mark as GOTY but it’s definitively an 8 on gameplay alone so far.

Lightning7757d ago ShowReplies(1)
GotGame81857d ago

No, there are Combos to pull of, and it's insane!

Lightning7757d ago

@Tay I don't know why you're replying to me. You should reply to dark he's the one who made that claim not me.

Petebloodyonion57d ago

You're right, the game is nice, fun, and a blast to play but a GOTY contender???
Honestly, we're not in 2012 anymore where the GOTY was given to a random 3hours PlayStation exclusive over games like Dishonored or Spec Ops: The Line.
We're also past 2022 too when cats used to rule the earth and tried to sneak some 5 hours game in the GOTY nomination.

NO! this is 2023 and it's all about real serious gaming meaning a 3rd person-action single-player game driven by some great cinematic storytelling.

... Unless it's a 3rd person adventure with a green mute protagonist then Flusk storytelling.
(because let's be honest who needs a story when the gameplay is good).

ps360s57d ago

Well really didnt get much until now...too many disapointnents ... so this screams goty for alot of us xbox owners...

Orchard56d ago

Well, why not?

You didn’t give us any constructive feedback as to why it’s not a GOTY contender. My guess is you haven’t even played it to be able to make such statements.


I wonder if you said that about Stray…

DeusFever56d ago

Like how Stray and Hades were GOTY contenders. Everyone appreciates these little gems but the industry will always pile the most awards on big budget AAA games.

delano198456d ago

Yeah it’s pretty fun and it was a nice surprise. But GOTY or a 100 score is just ridiculous lol. Personally I’d give it a 8 so far.

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Brazz57d ago

I'm reading lots of:
"Best game of 2023, GoTY contender - time played:2.6 hours"
Hum... Kinda rushed to Review a game after 2-4 hours.

Tacoboto57d ago

It's apparently like 10-12 hours, so that's not only a good portion of the game, but also beyond Steam's 2-hour gametime refund restriction.

A fun game is a fun game and if it clicks to someone it clicks to someone. 24 hours ago most people had no idea this game was coming unless they read gaming rumor blogs, and this game will be remembered fondly by them as this gem that popped unexpectedly out of no where.

Christopher56d ago

Regardless of anything else, I believe reviews should require them to complete the game if they're a journalist playing a single player game.

TGGJustin56d ago

Fully agree. These people putting out 10/10's and saying GOTY after only playing a couple hours is absurd.

Kurt Russell56d ago

I think it's crazy to review a game quarter through. So many games are front loaded with content, only to become repetitive and stale before the credits role.

Lightning7757d ago

It was a shadow drop. Ryan McCaffrey's review guy was even scrambling to finish it and get the review out.

This guy published the review today. He had most of yesterday to finish it if you binge play it in which he had to of done.

Rushed reviews will Obviously be for "who can get the most clicks." before other publications get there's out.

Rocosaurus57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Played it for a couple of hours and it is lots of fun. 98% rating on Steam (based on roughly 600 reviews so far)

57d ago