Naughty Dog Moving On From Uncharted; The Last of Us 3 Only Be Made If There Is "Compelling Story"

Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann has revealed that the Uncharted franchise is finished, and TLOU3 is dependent on a "compelling story."

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-Foxtrot60d ago

I hope they move on and give us a new IP

Maybe something Sci-Fi or Fantasy

porkChop59d ago

I'd be down for Savage Starlight. Naughty Dog making a sci fi action RPG would be interesting.

tay870159d ago

Yes savage starlight would be amazing. I know that was the rumor a couple yrs ago. Naughty dog likes to put Easter eggs in their games. There is that rumor about strays cross. I'm looking forward to a new ip, hopefully it is Sci fi related.

EvertonFC59d ago

The clock shop in the 1st episode of the HBO series was called "lone star" I wonder if it's an Easter egg ? Bit weird a clock shop being called that imo?

millerj274059d ago

Joel and Sarah live in Texas, the "Lone Star" state. Not really an easter egg.

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Jin_Sakai59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

What exactly are have they been working on if they’ve moved on from Uncharted and The Last of Us? I know Factions is a separate team.

-Foxtrot59d ago

Well Factions is still going by one team, the other? Who knows, I refuse to believe they've been spit balling for almost 3 years now.

I'd say Sci-Fi hopefully

SenorFartCushion59d ago

Games as a service multiplayer title

tay870159d ago

All just rumor at the moment but, it is said there will be two protagonist: one being a brilliant scientist obsessed with space-time studies, the other being a "criminal" who is innocent. All of this supposedly ties into to some story about a space conflict dating back ages. Again could be just bunch of B.S. rumors, but I'd love to see what the wizards at naughty dog could do with a space themed ip

porkChop59d ago


I mean if they were gonna do GAAS that would probably be Factions, no? I don't see them making two multiplayer-focused games at the same time.

Lightning7759d ago

Apparently if the team was really passionate about The Last Of Us Part 3 then they'll 100% go for it. ND doesn't do things unless passion is backed by it.

Neil was writing scripts in which I thought it was for TLOUS 3. Maybe him and the team are brain storming and writing in theory what another Last Of Us could be like.

Not sure what the team is cooking up. I'll keep on the look out for rumors of course.

blackblades59d ago

Rumor long time ago it was a sci-fi space action adventure i believe. Also wasnt there 2 teams at naughty dog, the last of us team who is working on the MP i guess and the other one after they done uncharted 4 and standalone forgot name.

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SenorFartCushion59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Will be shipped to the games as a service mines next.

These quotes are very see-though. No studio wants an Uncharted/Last of Us-style experience. They, along with God of War and Ghost of Tsushima feel more like a pain in Sony execs’ asses than anything.

Just think, with this news, the ps5 version of Uncharted 4 and Legacy is the last release we are ever going to get. Uncharted won’t ever have Raytracing.

Flawlessmic59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Lol Ur comment is so confusing, what are you even trying to say.

And I'd take a new ip over uncharted with ray tracing.

Uncharted had an awesome run but it's time for new ips.

tay870159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Not sure what you are trying to say or if you are quoting someone else. Are you saying that g.o.t., g.o.w. and uncharted are pains in the ass for Sony execs? G.o.w. 2018 sold 20 million copies, uncharted 4 has over 15 million and g.o.t. has sold over 9.5 million copies, doesn't sound like a pain in the ass, more line a Sony execs wet dream. Lol. As far as not ever getting an uncharted game with Ray tracing, i wouldn't be so sure. Rumor is that naughty dog is partnering with a newly founded ps studio comprised of Sony visual arts studio devs (worked on last of us part 1) to reboot the franchise.

Bathyj59d ago

Are you having a senior moment?

Christopher59d ago

Yeah, multi-million selling games are always a pain for executives to deal with.

Lightning7759d ago

ND aren't even known for live service games nor will they ever be interested in doing anything like that. They're known for their story telling and gameplay. Why would they sacrifice a possible new IP that's story driven than waste it on some live service stuff?

Plus one team is doing just that already. Your life service fix is covered.

59d ago
SenorFartCushion59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

To clarity on the comment:

Yeah, the PlayStation exclusives listed are incredibly successful but that’s irrelevant because they don’t want GOTY success stories that sell 20 million copies, they want “Fortnite trailer starring Mark Hamill speaking Chinese during the Super Bowl” success.

You don’t get that every studio just wants to make mobile games. Any excuse for there to NOT be single player, they will take it. All ND are saying now is that they don’t want to make anything like their past games, and their past games are single player.

Even if they were to embrace single player, it would be an open world Genshin clone.

They’re the goals of every studio. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. Even if the market prevents them from embracing GAAS in full right away, it’s still the goal.

It doesn’t matter how many awards the previous games get, it doesn’t matter how much they sell. They don’t make EVERY CENT.

That’s the point.

Naughty Dog’s next game is a live service multiplayer game. All Neil Druckmann does is write cinematic adventures but he’s been interviewing about how he doesn’t want a “conventional” narrative in his games anymore - and it’s not because of boredom.

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TheKingKratos59d ago

They said they are workinf on new ip

SenorFartCushion59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

There are rumours of a sci-fi game possibly? Then again, Last of Us is Sci-fi too

1Victor59d ago

I trust on ND to put a excellent game and will play it as long as it’s not a too deep on RPG or is a FPS( unless it’s VR FPS then I’ll try it ) for personal taste reasons on rpg and motion sickness on fps( vr fps is a bit more tolerable for my eyes tho 🤷🏿 )

F0XH0UND92259d ago

They will be doing both. Part 3 as a follow up to the most awarded game in history and now in tandem with the most watched show on the planet. Part 3 is inevitable, thankfully.

A new ip is most likely in the works, as well.

spicelicka59d ago

Exactly what I came to comment.

_Decadent_Descent59d ago

After they give us TLOU 3 definitely.

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RaidenBlack60d ago

New IP, plz
hope the rumor/leak regarding the sci-fi project is real

phoenixwing59d ago

I'd like to see medieval game myself but sci-fi is ok too

shinoff218359d ago


It's just what I wanna see. I sometimes feel we get enough medieval games, but I'm also big into Sci fi so I'm probably just a hair bias.

Outside_ofthe_Box60d ago

All good things must come to an end. looking forward to their next IP.

Elda59d ago

Hopefully they're developing something entirely new.

Sarcasm59d ago

Don't need a TLOU3. Make something new instead

Grilla59d ago

They will make 3. Especially if the show does well.

spicelicka59d ago

I think you are right. The way the sales jumped for TLOU part 1 after the show aired must have been a clear signal to Sony to not hold back.

59d ago
savedsynner58d ago

Haha, we didn't need part 2 lol