Zune "Y2K9" bug confirmed

Microsoft has confirmed a firmware issue which has caused 30GB Zune media players to crash on the stroke of New Year's Eve. While the flaw – already being referred to as the "Z2K9 bug" – is embarrassing for the company and awkward for users, the good news is that it's already righted itself with no intervention required on Microsoft's part. Now that we've left the last day of 2008 behind, Zunes should start behaving themselves once more – as the clock resets back to day one of a new year. The flaw will likely resurface next leap year, of course, but it's expected that Microsoft will release a firmware update before that time.

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power of Green 4203d ago

Bladestar was right he said this days ago and was attacked.

darkequitus4203d ago


Not use my 30Gb Zune for 2 weeks. Missed all the fun

SonyOwnsNextYear4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

so? sony fans have been right all along. you herbs still take bubbles. or am i wrong?

anyone want me to set a 30 gig zune on fire? give me my bubbles back and ill post the video

Bubble Buddy4203d ago

I'll send u one Sony :P. Happy Holidays. I never liked the Zune >.<

Bob Dole4203d ago

Ahahaha, better start buying jugs of water and canned goods!

BLaZiN PRopHeT4203d ago

Amazing how fanboys were going crazy and projecting this as the end of the Zune.

resistance1004202d ago

Its an MP4 player which microsoft decided to release only in the US, even tho they promised that they would release it in the UK

ambientFLIER4203d ago

If this was fixed as of 12am last night, is it worth posting anymore?

Also, do people really keep their music players for six years to worry about the 2012 leap year?

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The story is too old to be commented.