The Last of Us Developers on Clicker Creation - HBO Producers on Adapting TLOU Action

In the second installment of Naughty Dog's new series, Building The Last of Us, developers from the Naughty Dog team dig into some of the creation of one of The Last of Us' most well-known enemies: the Clickers. Developers from Naughty Dog and PlayStation dig into the art, sound, animation, and origins of bringing the Clickers to life in The Last of Us, including insight into the iconic sound of Clickers, the way The Last of Us' Clickers move, and a look at never-before-seen Clicker concept art.

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shinoff218353d ago

It is pretty interesting the little story about the clickers. Then the sound they make was just about accidentally discovered to use. I'll never forget my first clicker encounter.

tbagmonster52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

any other stories about how this game changed their life