New Street Fighter 6 Video Shows off Blanka vs JP Match

Today Capcom published another video showing a match between two of two characters that will be playable in Street Fighter 6, Blanka and JP.

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delano198459d ago

Even blanka looks like fun! Really can’t wait for this game.

51d ago
DazaMc59d ago

The characters in this look horrendous. I hate the art style and the music is so fecking bland, what was the last SF you could hum the music to?

delano198459d ago

Characters look amazing! Music is the only thing sf6 is lacking. SFV had very good music, not that long ago.

tbagmonster59d ago

its hard to watch, the music is total garbage and yeah the art style is just a horrible choice

RaiderNation58d ago

Remember when Zangief was the only roided up muscle dude in Street Fighter? Now they ALL look like Zangief. lol.

51d ago