So Is the Intellivision Amico Dead Or What?

Is it the beginning of the end for Intellivision's rise from the grave?

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Neonridr54d ago

100% DOA. Didn't even make it to launch and then ran into financial problems. This thing will never see the light of day.

Chocoburger53d ago

All those family games they were developing for the Amico should have just been Switch games. There's no need to make new hardware for these simple games.

HeliosHex53d ago

Sadly yes it is dead. It was suppose to launch in 2020 but the company is now in debt and is suffering layoffs. The picture you see above was merely a concept. Atari also had announced a possible console but that didn't even go anywhere.

blackblades53d ago

Never heard of it, a guess from looking at it. It must be a mobile game device that can dock to play on tv.

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