If you love Windows XP, you'll hate Windows 7

Ed Bott of ZDNet writes:

"My colleague Jason Perlow has been playing with Windows 7, and he hates it. The sad thing is, all the things he hates are improvements, in my opinion, which just goes to show that you really can't please everyone. But what's sad to see is that every setting Jason describes as broken is in fact easily customizable so it works the way he wants it."

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power of Green 4207d ago

If you hate MSFT then you'll hate windows altogether.

^^ Thats a better header for this news post.

Isn't that easy

Ryudo4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Actually there wasn't anything bad said against Windows 7 in that blog. He was just pointing out the interface could put some dinosaurs stuck in there way off. But that's true with anything if they had to keep everything the same as XP what would be the point if making a new Windows.

They have to change things to make them more productive of course at first your be a little slower. But once you get the hang of things the new changes should make work/life far more productive then the use of Windows XP.

Look this is the guys closing comment

"If you’re an XP veteran, take some time to learn why the new interface was designed the way it was. Believe me, those designers and usability professionals didn’t just make this stuff up. If you’re willing to learn a few new techniques, I guarantee your productivity will increase over time."

The xbox group will have to be careful here not to instantly jump of the offensive without reading the post. The same goes for the sony squad if they jump in thinking this is a negative post there going to look moronic on a epic scale.

Graphics Whore4207d ago

power of green why are you ignorant, I don't care if your trolling or not but I hope to the cosmos you're not inherently this dumb.

power of Green 4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

I know I know...


Nothing really "bad" was said(it was just a suggestion something sucks/wrong from MSFT) lol

Love Vista

Saint Sony4207d ago

I'm using XP64bit which has pretty horrible software support, but did not want to go for Vista. Windows 7 sounds really promising, I might not have to touch Vista ever.

BulletToothtony4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

i sure do hope that windows7 is not as big of ram hugger as vista thou..
vista just seemed to always lag just for basic tasks, even with my previous 4gb ram rig..

slinkey1234207d ago

at bullettoothtony

Apparently windows 7 uses 50% less ram per window. If true thats pretty good :)

S1CKLY4206d ago


if true, that's DAMN good.

anyway.. I can't wait to try windows 7.. I'm so sick of vista


jadenkorri4206d ago

Mac is the way to go, windows is out... Mac ftw...

slinkey1234206d ago


i play games, mac is not the way to go..

EL MAESTRO4206d ago

This is the same system that Mac uses. People that are not familiar with Macs say they hate only because theyre used to drilling through icons liked mentioned in the article. Its much easier and efficient to just search and type what you're looking for rather than going through a bunch of icons, this is 1 improvement and there will be many more. I'm looking forward to it, it may actually be a real competitor to Mac OS this time around.

majorsuave4206d ago

Any one else noticed that the guy that signs this blog is name Ed Bott?
Ed Bott. Change the spelling some, turn it around and you find Beavis' sidekick.

But anyways the title is irrelevant.

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Bladestar4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Duhh... lol... I don't know if you noticed but most Microsoft haters (specially in this site) all seem to love XP... isn't that weird?
They would do anything to try to convince people not to use a Microsoft product so they try to promote another Microsoft product.

Anyone that followed the instructions and installed vista on proper hardware likes it... and know that it's better than XP.

When Windows 7 comes out.... haters will hate and others will love it. Simple...

Take a look at "Jason Perlow" for instance... he is couldn't anything fundamentally wrong with Windows 7 so he made a stupid list of things that he does not like...

"I also find the Windows 7 Control Panel to be less intuitive than XP’s […] you now need one additional mouse click to see all the Control Panel options — of which there are now approximately double than which existed in XP. Clearly, they could have done a better job at consolidating functions, or at the very least, provided a better UI for navigating such a long list of stuff."

uhhh... you think? It's obvious that the control panel will have more items... vista let alone windows 7 have a ton of features that xp lacks...

Come on... let's cut to the chase.... It does not matter how good Windows 7 will be... it does not matter what Microsoft does... haters will always hate... and they will always find something to moan about... this guy is an example.

The article clearly states, "But what’s sad to see is that every setting Jason describes as broken is in fact easily customizable so it works the way he wants it."...

Problem? No... The problem is that Jason Perlow probably was convince by anti-microsoft to skip vista... otherwise he would be very familiar with what windows 7 looks like... who knows maybe the guy is just a victim of manipulation by the many anti-xbox and now the poor guy is lost.

Ryudo4207d ago

You shouldn't jump right on the offensive it would be better to let the people incapable of reading make them self look moronic instead. This ain't a negative Microsoft article if anything its positive. So instead of fuelling the flames you should simply sit back and let the Sony extremists agree with everything this post says after reading only the title.

Graphics Whore4207d ago

Bladestar: diminishing the english language one word at a time.

Kakkoii4207d ago

The only reason I don't like Vista is because it is so different from XP.

Did I ever want XP's layout to be changed? No, and I'm sure tons of other people feel the same way. They changed it around completely in Vista, instead of just improving on what everyone was already used to and liked.

Funky Town_TX4207d ago

Then why even come out with a new OS. Lets see that is what service pack are for to make changes to an OS. I new OS should be a new OS.

Itrguy0014206d ago

even though a lot of us hate MS we still will use a computer that is supported by MS like me for instance im using gateway FX with 32bit vista which is pretty good even tho some of the sh!t that pops up starts pissin me off like microsoft visual C++ runtime libary made me uninstall firefox3 and made me re install it from IE7. but i got Firefox back and then fcking script errors keep showin up. but i still use a MS machine same with my dad and my brother who needs a new desktop cause his is from 2003 so its starting to freeze up on him

S1CKLY4206d ago

@Kakkoii, vista's interface wasn't even much of a change from XP, just the aero support and a few minor changes to the start menu. Even that can be customized to look more like XP or even 98 if you really want.

The only arguments I've seen about vista that hold any validity are the ones on performance. Vista runs like crap. That's all I care about.

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Ridrick4207d ago

Another iteration of crippled Windows operating system is coming ...

darkequitus4207d ago


The 1st idot comment of this thread


Ryudo4207d ago

Not that am disagreeing with your observation.

But you called him an idot xD that doesn't express your case all that well. >.>

darkequitus4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

No opinion.

Any one informed and has used vista as it should be will tell you it is not cripped. He has called it crippled and gave no reason, why because ot demand more resources? Then every os is crippled even OSX which I use on a regulr basis. If an OS is going to do more, it needs more.

darkequitus: Vista/Xp/OSX/FreeBSD user

evrfighter4206d ago

agreed. Vista isn't crippled. It's just incapable of running like xp on the older machines that have less than 2gb ram. I've installed it on my wifes pc where I recently slapped in 4gb ram. After Disabling a few features (UAC,Security Center) It actually feels more solid than my own xp.

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Unicron4207d ago

I just don't see a reason to upgrade to anything above XP for my personal uses. I have Vista on my laptop, and it works well enough, and has some cool features... but I really see no reason to spend $99+ to upgrade my perfectly stable PC.

Ryudo4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Yeah I totally agree there is nothing wrong with vista as such but its not worth upgrading from XP. Unless your building a media rig for under your TV then vista is a must.

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