Marie Is Persona 4 Golden's Best Girl, & It Isn't Even Close

I am slain.

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DarXyde52d ago


In terms of narrative development, she's pretty much given a layup here because she's essential to the true ending. In other ways? C'mon... Without saying much about the plot, she's totally unrelatable as a character. A younger me (and a modern me) thoroughly enjoyed the development arc of all characters in P4G, but Marie was just... Damaged and confused. Maybe I'm projecting a bit because I hate pity/being pitied and Marie just felt so damn pitiful as a character. She's not at all a bad character, but I wouldn't even place her in top 5.

The author must be new to Persona 4 (or have a thing for dark, brooding girls).

GoodGuy0952d ago

Relax, everyone has their favorite waifu lol.

DarXyde52d ago

Absolutely not.

I'm calling the UN