The Callisto Protocol Review – Are We Scared Yet? | FingerAction

You’ll have to keep a firm grip on the controller as you play The Callisto Protocol, a game set in a maximum security prison on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto.

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FingerAction54d ago

I finished it recently..definitely enjoyable

oIMyersIo53d ago

Enjoyable? Yes.
Worth RRP or even close to it? No.

The most recent game I regret buying at launch.
Glad you got enjoyment out of it though!

EvertonFC53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

£55 new, I got 3 complete playthroughs over a week and got £38 trade in.
Absolute bargain imo £6 a playthrough

CrimsonWing6953d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I think you’re getting into perceived value. If the person who paid for the game at full MSRP and enjoyed it and felt they got their money’s worth, how can you say it wasn’t worth it to them?

The whole “not worth MSRP” mentality is flawed because anyone could argue any game isn’t worth full price then.

oIMyersIo53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@Everton, that’s decent.
Got it for £50 new, done one playthrough and got £35 cash trading in.
I try to keep games in my collection now but I just would never go back to Callisto.

@Crimson. Value is always a factor when deciding new game purchases. ACG literally base their entire review system around ”buy, wait for sale, never touch”, for example.

I didn’t tell anyone that it wasn’t worth it to them. I simply stated that in my OPINION the game is not worth the asking price. & quite literally responded to @Finger by saying I’m glad they got enjoyment out of it.

@Saint @Finger
I’d say 6 for me BUT that’s because I disagree with the whole “anything below 7 must be terrible” mentality that’s plagued review formats. I miss when 5 was mediocre/average as….5/10….makes sense, right?

saint_seya53d ago

Im having a good time with it, just 10hrs in. I think is better than a 7, but ofc its my personal opinion.

FingerAction53d ago

i agree with a solid 7 score

Einhander197153d ago

Brilliant game, really enjoying it. On the last few chapters now.