NS Sells 121M, PS5 Sales Up 36% Year-on-Year - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Dec 25-31

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 542,735 units sold for the week ending December 31, 2022, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 121.00 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 382,561 units to bring its lifetime sales to 30.63 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 211,634 units to bring their lifetime sales to 20.36 million units.

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Hauntedasylum8124d ago

The gap is growing in favor of PlayStation 5 over Series X/S. People can only go so long without having any decent games to play before they become uninterested. And with so much uncertainty surrounding their first party games, their inability to mange the studios they have, the layoffs, an incoming price increase, and it’s clear Microsoft is in trouble here once again.

Sonic1881124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Microsoft believes Starfield aka No Man Sky 2.0 with better graphics will be the answer. After watching the shooting mechanic in the game I had my doubts and got skeptical about the game. We'll see how it all turns out though. I did like No Man Sky but I gave it a 7 out out of 10. It wasn't great but good after years of updates, patches, and fixing things

Rancegamerx124d ago

I just don't see how making Starfield exclusive is going to help or benefit Xbox in any way. The have already lost 25% to 50% +/- of the fans by not putting it on PlayStation and very few (if any) people will jump ship for one game or buy an Xbox for one game. Also, anybody playing starfield on GP will not be paying the $70 that Microsoft would have made from every purchase. Most people who really want to play Starfield will get it on PC (maybe this is where Xbox will make some money back) but I doubt it will be enough to offset the cost of making the game, most people can get the game almost free by just getting GP on PC. Let's not forget piracy (that's how I'm going to play Starfield, I'm not giving Microsoft 1cent for this game) this may be a very small percentage, but it will affect cost and I think it will be higher because making this game exclusive pissed a lot of people off.

darkrider124d ago

Microsoft can again cut the price of the s by 100 or 150 to try and inflate sales.

Hofstaderman124d ago

Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

Chevalier124d ago

They're finding ANY reason to have a sale on the Series S. They're even putting it on sale for the Lunar New Years sale even.


Absolutely any excuse to put the thing on sale. Honestly they should just keel it a permanent sale already to drive any sales they can.

Flewid638123d ago

I've had GamePass for a good year now.

Between PSNow/PSPremium, Ubisoft+ and Origin....I found GamePass to be the least desirable.

Flawlessmic124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Unpopular opinion

This year will say a lot, Ms has great yr planned if everything lands as promised and lives up to potential.

If Ms is still losing ground by yrs end after big exclusives on top of some very good 3rd party day on gp additions then I don't know what will make them catch up.

They are lucky they have so much cash 1 and 2 that they are an American brand.

If xbox was made by any other nation it would be dead by now, but Americans are fiercely patriotic to a flaw and would rather buy something American even if there is something better on the market.

It's the only thing that makes sense considering, Ms rrod, lack of games and xone.

The rest of the world Sony's leads and in America its tight as.

Bet ur bottom dollar if playstation was American and xbox japanese playstation would be blowing xbox out the atmosphere even more than it already is.

Ms need to come back strong this yr and then keep up momentum and pray the acti deal go through

Ra3030124d ago

"This year will say a lot"
What does 2022 say for Microsoft Xbox? 2022 was another year in a long line of years that was supposed to be the Year of XBox every year is the year of Xbox but it never works out that way. The saying "wait till next year" that was coined by the gaming community years ago because that's what Microsoft tells the gaming community "wait till next year"! They overhype everything to the point there's no way their projects can meet expectations but more importantly Microsoft Xbox just never delivers anything and we'll just have to " wait till next year"!.

Flawlessmic124d ago

Lol mate I agree for the majority of what u said, but if any yr will deliver for Ms games wise it's this yr.

To think that that they will never ever have a great yr is naive.

Looking at 1st party releases on top of 3rd party day one gp games.

They do have a very good yr lined up, only a fan boy would deny it and so they dam well should seeing as 2022 was literally the worst yr by a console manufacturer iv ever seen.

spoonard124d ago

It's funny when 3 games makes for a "great year" for Xbox players. That's a terrible state to be in console-wise.

Flawlessmic124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

It's funny that out of all I said, which i went pretty hard at xbox and literally said the only reason it's alive is because it's an American brand.

And all you 2 wanted to see is I said they have a great yr lined up lol

Can't believe I'm the xbox defender here but here goes.

All day and date on gp

Stalker 2
Lies of p
Atomic heart
Monster hunter rise

That's just off the top of my head and basically all first 6 months of the yr unless something gets delayed.

That's great line up so far and I'm sure I'm missing stuff.

Y'all fan boys here are wild.

porkChop124d ago

Huh? Sony and Nintendo usually release 2 to 3 games per year, so why would that be a problem for Xbox? That's literally the standard. And Xbox has more than 3 games coming this year.

The Wood124d ago

Pork. Are you counting the smaller games like sifu when you say 2 or 3 games because that seems very selective

SoulWarrior124d ago

@flawless, may be day one GP for those but 3 of them are multiplat titles, MH is way more popular on PS, Stalker 2 exclusivity is up in the air.

I'm sure Starfield and Forza will be successful, but Redfall doesn't look that great to me, and it's always a roll of the dice with Bethesda, I hope it makes upgrading my PC sooner rather than later worth it.

Flawlessmic124d ago


I don't need all of them to hit, just forza and starfield really are the ones I care about.

Between those if they arrive first half of the year and hogwarts will keep me busy to final fantasy 16 and then onto spider man 2.

Gonna be a great yr for me, simply being unbiased in admitting Ms has a solid first half of the year.

porkChop124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


No, I'm not. I'm talking about 1st party. Sony didn't develop or publish Sifu. It's a 3rd party multiplat. If we're clearly excluding Xbox's 2nd party and 3rd party exclusives, why would I include games that have nothing to do with Sony aside from marketing?

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Asplundh124d ago

I think the whole I only buy American mind set mostly comes from the older generation, I've never heard a gamer say he's buying a Xbox because it's from an American company. I think it's software, Xbox IPs just aren't as appealing to people outside the US and UK.

Flawlessmic124d ago

Honestly I think it's a very sub conconcoius thing with Americans.

I'd go into a big spiel about Americans and there sports compared to how they view much more popular sports in the world and how they disrespect other sports and athletes.

Or how they call them selves world champions even though there the only ones that play there sport lol

I love what America has provided the world but they are very self centred and don't know much about stuff outside of America.

It's definitely a thing.

Like I said if xbox was japanese made it would been dead by now America wouldn't have carried it like it has.

Chevalier124d ago

"Stalker 2
Lies of p
Atomic heart
Monster hunter rise"

None of these are exclusives or a reason to buy an Xbox though.

NotoriousWhiz123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

A good game is a good game regardless of where you can play it. Xbox just needs quality games on game pass. Gamers aren't going to skip a game because it's multiplatform. There's a significant number of gamers out there that spend most of their gaming time on non-exclusives.

That said, the lack of quality exclusives will definitely result in Xbox never catching up to Playstation, and likely won't ever close the gap. Best they can hope for, is to slow down the gap's growth.

Xbox's appeal as of today is of the poor man's console. Don't want to spend big bucks on games? Get an Xbox and game pass. If money is no object to enjoy the best variety of games available, get a Playstation.

SirBruce123d ago

And, if 2023 does not work, Microsoft will have 2024* to deliver on promises.

*Put any future year.

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Vengeance1138124d ago

10M Gap! Woot! No coming back from that.

Aloymetal124d ago

And it's going to get bigger but they told me this gen was different and that there will be a close and stiff competition...

Hofstaderman124d ago

They told us lies. 12 teraflops was supposed to be the be all and end all. Halo bombed, Forza doesn’t have a release date, Redfall looks like left 4 dead with vampires and everybody who invested in a XBOX is praying for a studio acquisition to go through. A studio acquisition…How much can their support base swallow? Do they even have a rock bottom?
Not rubbing it in because I don’t want Sony becoming complacent but damn…

NecrosisOdium124d ago

There's no stopping PlayStation now, with the shortage issues sorted and more games rolling out.

darkrider124d ago

Supply problems ending and sales growing. Really easy to see. It increased 36% from last year and that says a lot.

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