Destiny 2 players to lose loot when servers maintenance ends

Bungie has been forced to take the Destiny 2 servers down and this FPS game's players are going to have their progress rolled back when server maintenance ends.

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Orchard54d ago

This game has been falling apart over the last few months, lots of downtime and fatal bugs like this one. Losing progress is never good, especially when it's a service backed game, even less reason for such situations to occur.

Neonridr54d ago

thankfully the servers had only been live for an hour or two before they had to shut everything down. So most people either hadn't even logged in yet for the day or only managed to play for a bit. But guaranteed there's someone who did something incredible like solo'd a dungeon who now lost all that progress, LOL.

iNcRiMiNaTi54d ago

Sounds like something Esoterickk would do lol

HeliosHex54d ago

Players of this game can lose everything including revert back to yr 1 stats and they would still play this game. Complaining but playing it none the less. Some will get back to their current stats in a day or two.