Build and manage your dream city in Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition, out Feb 22 for PS VR2

Learn all about features including road building, street level view, services, and more.

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SullysCigar55d ago

I never really understood the building in games thing, but apparently it's pretty popular!

Yi-Long54d ago

I’ve always loved games like SimCity 4 and Cities Skylines. You start with nothing and then create something in your vision, and you try to micro-manage every part of your city in order to get it running properly, keeping your citizens happy/satisfied, etc. Even when you’re not actively playing, you catch yourself thinking about new projects in your city. It’s a genre where, if you’re invested, hours can pass by very quickly.

Two Point Hospital is more about managing than it is about building something pretty, but it’s very addictive as well.

Recently bought Planet Coaster and sadly that hasn’t ‘clicked’ with me yet. I love the premise pf building gorgeous theme-parks, but kinda struggling with the controls.

SullysCigar54d ago

Now that you mention it, I do recall getting hooked on a game where you had to keep the customers happy. I think it was a theme park game.

Anyway, I see how this could be more compelling in VR, as you can experience it as one of the citizens and instantly change the skyline if you like. The POWER!

Rocosaurus54d ago

Usually not really interested in VR. In this case however the idea of building a city and then moving in it through street view sounds really cool. Will probably get VR2 in 1-2 years when, hopefully, the price is lower.

jonivtec54d ago

I like city builder....and really exited about this one ...but i really think they could have do better on the graphic side to help the immersion....

rlow154d ago

Very interesting, I think vr would be a natural extension for a game that you build cities. Imagine looking up at the skyscraper you just built. What would be really cool is going inside a building, being able to talk to citizens, or drive a car around. A lot of possibilities.