GoldenEye 007 – Xbox Game Pass Date Reveal Trailer

Mark your calendars: GoldenEye 007 is set to launch on Xbox Game Pass on January 27th!

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VenomUK59d ago

After Starfield, this is my most anticipated (semi) exclusive on Xbox - and I'm not kidding.

Wikkid66659d ago

but are you sure you aren't kidding?

VenomUK59d ago

@Wikkid666 I'm not kidding. Forza 8 is a driving sim which I'm not hating, is just not my cup of tea. And as there's been no news about Hellblade II: Ragnarok Killer I'm guessing it won't be out before 2024. I don't mind because, for me, Starfield is my most anticipated game of the year for all formats.

blacktiger59d ago

if you talking about racing sim, PC has too many racing sim that forza and gran turismo is not even close. But between them, I prefer Gran Turismo!

Flawlessmic59d ago

Nostalgia is a hell of drug lol

SullysCigar59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I LOVED this game on N64 (I still have it), but what the looks like *ss.

I was tempted to play on Switch, so my eyes are less likely to bleed, but I'll just wait for the remake after seeing that trailer. Maybe they'll actually bring the online multiplayer to consoles by the time that's ready.

SoulWarrior59d ago

It's releasing on switch as well on the same day.

darthv7259d ago

I never cared for this game... the controls and frame rate sucked. I get that this version will use dual analog but it needs to be 60fps for me now.

ocelot0759d ago

Semi exclusive??? Pmsl I have heard it all now.

It's releasing on switch with online mp something the Xbox version does not have.

MrNinosan59d ago

That might speak more about the incoming games than your taste.

For me it's Starfield, FM8 and Fable (whenever that comes).

If Golden Eye would have online multiplayer, I'd be all in, but ain't gonna dust of my Switch ever again.

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Limitedtimestruggle59d ago

I still play the original on N64 every now and then! Great game, forever classic!

Number1TailzFan59d ago

True, obviously it's gonna age.. Even Half Life has and that was one of my first PC games. Doesn't mean the gameplay sucks though.

blackblades59d ago

Played again on a emulator but this was not necessary

Julion071559d ago

Didn’t age well on PlayStation u mean

Sonic188159d ago

It didn't age well. 😂😃

Lifexline59d ago

Holy shit it actually happened goldeneye finally and on game pass. That’s awesome definitely a nostalgia feeling.

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The story is too old to be commented.