PS Plus Premium Game Super Stardust Portable Receives Trophy Support

Super Stardust Portable on PS Plus Premium now features full Trophy support!

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MrNinosan56d ago

Amazing. Time to get back and grab that Platinum before Hogwarts, PSVR2 and Octopath Traveler 2 will steal all the time.

darthv7256d ago

I own this on my PSP and Vita. I did not see it in the article but will those versions get a patch for trophies as well?

MrNinosan56d ago

It was never released on Vita, and PSP doesn't have trophies.
So no, the PSP versions won't get trophies.

PS3 version already had it.
VR had it.
Now "PS4 and PS5" have it.

darthv7255d ago

Just like the PS4/5, you can play this PSP version on the Vita. So I dont see how it too can't have trophy support. I was playing it on my Vita [tv] last night seeing as i could not play delta (too many touch specific options). Now i did also try it on my PS5 and noticed it looked more polished than on my Vita so it may be that the game was completely rebuilt for the tv experience.

On my vita tv it looked rather grainy but then again that was running at 720p on my tv unlike when i play it on the actual vita oled screen (looks more natural). The 5 version was very clean and vibrant.

TiredGamer56d ago

This game could really use twin-stick support. On PS Vita, you were able to map the face buttons to the right stick... can't seem to find a way to do this on PS5. Anyone have any luck?

darthv7255d ago

I like that the vita has that option. It does suck that trying to do the same on the DS4/5 controller results in nothing. I like how it looks cleaned up on the 5 though, but I will stick to playing on my vita with that added right stick acting as the face buttons.

spoonard55d ago

Remember when the PS3 launched? It didn't have trophies at all. Trophy support was added in soon after launch. SO adding it to games is not unheard of.