How To Unlock Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Jean in Fire Emblem Engage is the youngest ally in the game, but also one of the most helpful.

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ZeekQuattro60d ago

Once I got him I gave him the 3 houses emblem. Helped him get caught up real quick as it gives experience bonuses at a certain bond level.

lockedongamer160d ago

Unfortunately, I'm missing the DLC ):

ZeekQuattro60d ago

Emblem Marth & Emblem Celica have a expierence buff at later bond levels as well. The 3H one is just more convient because it's a skill rather than having to use a certain weapon with Marth or a technique in the case of Celica. By the the time the pass drops in price they'll have added more chapters to it so your better off waiting anyway. Save those gold points in the meantime.

shammgod59d ago

I recruited Jean and he died the next fight. I had to replay the fight cause he seemed like a good healer to have in the group.