Thumper Comes To PS5 & PSVR2 In February With New, Current-Gen Graphical Features

Thumper arrives on PS5 and PSVR2 on February 22, 2023 with a host of new graphical features and 3D spatialized audio, bringing it into the current-gen on PlayStation.

VR mode will run at 4K with HDR, while 2D mode will be able to run at 4K at 120hz for those with the monitors to support the higher refresh rate.

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deleted13d ago

Such a trippy hidden gem.

SullysCigar13d ago

Yeah this is awesome. I'm hoping the beat pulses in the headset haptics!

This is one of those games that you just switch off and play semi-consciously, in a zen-like state. I do that in Tetris Effect in VR too and I'm always better in that state, like some kind of machine, twitching and nailing every move lol

z2g13d ago

cool game but this is exactly why i don't want to spend $600 on a psvr 2 headset. the upgrades are nice and all but its an experience i've already had. i feel like despite the announcement of some larger titles, games like this will end up being a majority of what ends up on the headset - or reduced versions of bigger games (even gran turismo 7 will have reductions for psvr2).

i dunno. i guess i'm just disillusioned with vr in general. i've had couple high end vr headsets for pc and a quest 2, the original psvr and my usage for all of them was pretty short lived, so i've decided to pass on the psvr 2 despite owning a ps5. its just too expensive for something i know i will end up not using very often and i don't see anything game-wise that i would just HAVE to play in vr.

SullysCigar13d ago

Opposite for me. One of the reasons I jumped on PS5 so earlier despite the lack of next gen exclusives, was because so many of the best PS4 games were given free 'next-gen' upgrades.

The same is true of the PSVR2, but the difference is that PSVR2 is launching with a genuine, next-gen only first party game, with new controllers and a bunch of new hardware features.

I don't think people are quite grasping that the first party games will blow anything ever seen before in VR out of the water in terms of graphics and immersion. It's not just about power, it's also about tapping that power - and that's exactly where the eye-tracking with foveated rendering steps in.

deleted13d ago

Sully, I really am starting to think you are my doppelganger. X'D I too bought my PS5 for VR first. Star Wars Squadrons, Dreams, No Man's Sky, Skyrim, Blood & Truth, Hitman 3... all had incredible upgrades from the OG PS4. I never owned a PS4 Pro, so these games that utilized the PS5's extra power looked so much better, clearer, even if they were still 1080p.

Some people talk about getting tired of their VR, letting it collect dust.. not me. About 65-75% of my gaming since late 2019 has been in VR. I just love being inside of my games, fully immersed. I don't always have to play active games, waving arms around, but there were plenty of games I can still enjoy w a standard DS4.

And you're right, foveated rendering is going to be a game changer in squeezing out the most power from the PS5!

Too bad I have to wait until later this year to get a PSVR2, the wait is going to kill me, especially now that GT7 has been announced as a launch title... my #1 requested PSVR2 game! Really surprised Dreams wasn't announced... maybe by the end of the year.

SullysCigar13d ago

^ Lol it's nice to see someone so clued-up on VR and even PSVR on PS5. A lot of people missed that those huge upgrades existed. Those, like us, that were aware of it, were only made all the more excited for what we know PSVR2 is bringing.

Some people just don't get it. I'm not judging them for that, but they'd do well to listen to us 'VR nuts' when we tell them they're not ready! Especially for anyone who's yet to try or own VR - can you imagine diving straight in for the first time with PSVR2 powered by PS5?! Mind BLOWN!

deleted13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@Sully Right! I started adding Steam games via Quest 2 to my VR gaming last May. Running on a 3060ti, it's been a really nice budget upgrade to experience some games we've been waiting on over on PSVR2. I still play my PSVR1, and the comfort vs a Quest 2 is sooo much better still! Even using a nice BoboVR M2 Pro, it can't compare to the most lightweight, comfortable VR headset I've ever used. (There ARE advantages to sticking w a wired connection!)

I really think the PSVR2 is going to bring an even better optimized experience than my 3060ti. With the foveated rendering and fullt squeezing out every last bit of power that Sony is known for, I truly expect it to be even better. The comfort on top of that will only heighten it.

I think the comfort of a PSVR2 will go a long way towards increased immersion over a Q2. I'm always aware of that weight on my face... even playing a fully modded Skyrim on PC, I haven't felt as lost in the game as much as I had in the super lightweight PSVR1, as I start to not even notice it overtime.

I do feel sorry for people that can't stomach VR, I would hate to be in that situation. I have a crazy high tolerance, like spinning 360 out of control in Detached doesn't phase me a bit.. I guess growing up rollercoaster obsessed helped there. I have heard of plenty of people becoming acclimated to VR over time though, and I wish people stuck with it through their initial discomfort.

ApocalypseShadow13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Reductions? False. GT7 is the entire game excluding local 2 player. It's going to look good. Same as RE8. Eye tracking and foveated rendering made this possible besides PS5 power.

Sony could have used GT7 on PS4 or Pro and ran them in higher definition and AA. Nope. It's running the PS5 version. That tells you things are going to be quite different this time for potential games. Will it look exactly like flat? Who knows. But if you can play the game with GT7 flat gamers online, that means they won't be excluding cars, objects on-screen, lighting or frame rate. PS5 only had to throw the graphics at where your eyes are looking. Also future proof. Sony could use the same headset on PS6.

More games are coming. That's a guarantee. But if VR is no longer your thing or there's nothing you want at launch, then that's a personal decision. You may just pick it up later with the announcement of other games. Like, I still believe GTA 5 is coming also. I never played any release version. It will be all new to me like GT7 and RE8. Just like RE7 and Skyrim were new to me as I didn't buy or play the flat versions. I waited for VR.

SullysCigar13d ago

Lmao I did the same! With the exception of Skyrim (which I played 3 years after launch on PS3 and it was still bloody broken!), all of the other games you mentioned I held off on for VR. I'm hoping after RE7 in VR, more people waited for RE Village.

We must be the only two gamers on the planet at this stage that waited for GTA5! I decided to wait after Rockstar released L.A Noire on PSVR, because I was (and still am) convinced they used that game as a 'test and learn' before getting GTA5 onto PSVR2.

ApocalypseShadow13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Crazy thing Sully is that Rockstar could use the PS3, PS4 or Pro version of GTA 5 in VR and just increase the resolution, frame rate and textures, throw HDR in the mix, controller haptics, etc. And it would still look and play great. If it's the PS5 version using eye tracking and foveated rendering, that would be insane.

It's going to be interesting seeing Facebook try and shove GTA San Andreas onto Quest 2. I would be impressed if they could hold the resolution and frame rate after seeing Grid Legends look like a mess.

PS VR 2 is going to surprise a lot of gamers with game announcements. It's only a matter of when after the first months of titles released.

MrNinosan13d ago

Reduction in GT7?
You wanted to play it split-screen in VR or what?

EvertonFC13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

One of them all about you I see and you say you've owned most VR headsets yet mention all of them short lived, have you asked yourself maybe you don't like VR lol.

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italiangamer13d ago

One of my favourite games ever, got the platinum trophy back when it was first released. I still remember sending the developers an email telling them about a bug that basically shut down the game when you started a specific section of a level. They answered me and released a patch to fix it 💪🏻.

Knushwood Butt13d ago

Two cents

If these are free upgrades then it's win win as people that already have the game and PSVR2 get a free upgrade, while those that don't can pick up the game for the first time and support the devs.

Also, if these devs are supporting the system then they are actively developing for PSVR2, can get experience with the new hardware, and hopefully work on new games going forward.

ApocalypseShadow13d ago

The funny thing wood is seeing gamers talk all about BC for PS VR 2 and bash Sony for not having it when we know why. But then, when developers are giving away free updates and upgrades of games people already own, which saves them money, then you hear the,

"I already played those games. It's an experience I already had."

It's like which is it with them? Updates and upgrades are bad given freely? They'll only accept BC or nothing at all?

They seem to not be able to make up their minds.

Knushwood Butt13d ago

Gotta move those goalposts!

Next it will be regarding the sales.

If Sony under-supply:
PSVR2 bombed and it was scalpers that bought all the stock!

If Sony over-supply:
Ha ha, PSVR2 bombed!