PSVR2 Launch Game Dark Pictures: Switchback Delayed to March

Supermassive Games' PlayStation VR 2 launch title Dark Pictures: Switchback has been delayed until March 2023.

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SullysCigar125d ago

March 16? I can wait 3 weeks. There's over 40 other games to keep me busy!

Good to hear Supermassive want to add a final sheen of polish, because I want it to be slick. Rush of Blood is still one of the best VR games, especially for those new to VR, as even a non-gamer can pick it up and survival instinct takes over!

deleted125d ago

Yea, March isn't a big wait at all. Better to release it a few weeks late patched and refined, than present something to reviews that may have a few lingering bugs.

Judging by Rush of Blood, this game is going to be amazing.